The Wonders of Shapewear

You’d think that shapewear only came about in this day and age where being slim is an obsession, but it’s actually been around since the Ancient Greek times. Back then this type of clothing wasn’t so comfortable, but it most definitely did the trick to slim, tone and contour the body. From leather to heavy canvas and steel, shapewear had a glorious ride with women of all times. Thankfully now, they come in soft and comfortable material that shape, support and flatter body shapes.


Before I even got to know shapewear, I thought that it was simply for the plus size women. After all, people think that being thin is all that but there’s not really much curves to show off if you’re stick thin. Now a fan of it, I think it’s wonderful how there are so many different kinds of it for every kind of body shape. Shapewear actually comes as push up bras to camisoles to bodysuits. It’s amazing how there are so many options for women to complement what they’ve got.

Although it was invented from fashion trends, some women actually use it to feel more secure. The shapewear industry is growing every year because more and more women are feeling the need for it.

Some of the best brands of include Spanx, Johnny Lewis, Her Room, Hanes and Victoria’s Secret. The different types are bras, corsets, body suits, body briefs, control panty hose, girdles and some others. Shapewear is not limited to just the mid body undergarment. They come in light, medium, firm and extra firm types. Finding the right piece to wear with every clothing is a mission for every woman because we wouldn’t want to be caught dead with unflattering undergarments, do we?

Of all the brands, Spanx seems to be the most popular as it offers a wide range of shapewear that come in different shapes and sizes. Anyone can find something from their range and there are quite a bit of great reviews about the brand. I myself have tried it and it feels exquisitely flattering. Whatever clothing you’re donning, Spanx has the best that’s just right to make you look sexy but not uncomfortable. No wonder it’s known all over the world as well.  They also have a line for men, just in case you’re wondering.

If it’s your first time to try out Spanx Shapwear, you can best try their starter kit that comes with high power, footless and sheer. You might find some other shapewear type and that’s fine too but the starter kit has the basics that are great for a start.

Another great brand for shapewear is Fit Britches which is based in the UK, this relatively new company is receiving rave reviews. They offer everything from skinny shorts and tops, to control leggings that are designed to tone you up.

If you admire celebrities like Adelle for always being fashionable and sexy amidst being on the plus size, you should know that secret lies within their undergarments. Let’s be honest, nobody is perfectly shaped no matter how rich and popular you are. It’s actually the shapewear that does the trick. You can wear it with evening gowns for special occasions but they are also great for everyday wear with jeans and t-shirt, casual dresses, business suits or skirts.

Creep it Real: Halloween Clothes at Missguided

Looking for something a little but different to wear this Halloween. Then do take the time to check out one of my personal favourite stores, Missguided, its got a fabulous Halloween range this year!!

We´ve Redesigned

Its been a while since we posted anything on The Style Dragon. Finally we have reached a point where we can pick up once more with our fashion news and reviews. We have some great posts planned covering the latest trends for the Autumn / Winter season. Stay tuned for further updates!!

Firmoo New Arrivals July

firmoo sunglassesA short while ago I got my sunglasses from firmoo and to say I was delighted with them was but an understatement. I would recommend this company most highly – not only are they very comfortable to wear, great looking and fashionable but they were also exceptionally reasonably priced!

They have a superb range of fashionable glasses and sunglasses in this season – so be sure to check them out! To check out my full review of firmoo please do so

blogIt’s summertime, you can see lots of people wearing sunglasses on the street. They need sunglasses to see without their eyes watering up, or the brightness causing headaches, or the sun’s glare blinding them. Picking up a pair of prescription sunglasses at is a best way to get a sweet summer look. Although supposed new versions of frames and lenses come out in sunglasses every year, the tinted prescription sunglasses is the latest trend among people pursuing fashion. Moreover, you can find new arrivals in July and excitingly get your First pair for free here as well.



These eyewear carry up-to-date styles inspired by top fashion designers that don’t come with the high price tag. They also carry fashion colors for summer, pinks, greens, yellows and oranges, to name a few. In the summer, your sunglasses are an accessory item that everyone notices. Moreover, the timeless look is the cat-eye eyewear taking dominating other styles in this season.

Still have no idea about how to style your pairs? Check out a few ladies modeling their favorite Firmoo eyewear.


(The above model photos are all derived from Firmoo+.)

New Customers, check more products for your first free pair at Firmoo right now! You just need to pay shipping. First come, first served!

Furthermore, Firmoo win-win business cooperation project is on the move. Worldwide fashionistas & influentials are welcomed to join in. Fill in your application form here.

About Firmoo
Firmoo is the World’s Most Popular Online Eyeglasses Store. We have always been committed ourselves to offering customers the best quality products at the most affordable prices which start at 8 dollars- 80%-90% lower compared to that in local store.

Get Skin Perfect from Dr Lewinn´s – Foundation Tips

Dean_Nixon_Dr_Lewinns_Skin_Perfect_01I have often found that many women do not have a clue how best to chose the right foundation and apply it. Dr Lewinn. For years, Dr Lewinn’s has provided women with innovative products for every major skin and nail complaint. Now, Dr. LeWinn’s has launched it’s first cosmetics range, Skin Perfect, and staying true to the brand’s style and objectives, this range isn’t just about covering problems on the surface, it’s packed full innovative ingredients for younger looking skin.

Whether you chose to use their products or not, which I admit are fantastic, the video below has some great tips on choosing the right foundation, applying it and of course adding colour and illumination for that much desired perfect and flawless skin look.

Finding the perfect foundation really can be a mindfield. It all begins with choosing the correct colour for you skin. This is often an issue for most women. Just remember trying the foundation on your hand or the back of your wrist is not the answer! Always try on your jawline. Otherwise you risk that undesired orange look – or no better – the vampire white look. Try three shades – the shade you think, one lighter and one darker. Remember, as the lady advised, you are using a foundation to even out your natural skin tone – you are not adding colour. To add colour use a blusher or a bronzing powder.

The best way to apply foundation is with a professional flat makeup brush – not your fingers. The finish is better.

Use a concealer after foundation.

Try using an illuminator to really draw attention to where the light hits the face for a truly radiant look.

Summer made fabulous with Designers at Debenhams

This time of year is the most exciting for me. I adore summer as I love summer sports – swimming in the ocean, summer garden parties and picnics. So, naturally, I love this time of year because all the Spring/Summer fashions are hitting the shops – and this year they are particularly fabulous. Lots of vibrant and fresh colours just perfect for pulling you out of any low winter moods. Debenhams range this year is particularly inspiring – check out the video below!

Beautiful and vibrantly coloured beachwear, gorgeous hats and dresses (perfect for those summer weddings or garden parties), and some gorgeous key pieces just perfect for your summer holidays. If you are looking for your summer clothes at the moment then do check out Debenhams range – I know I have purchased two pieces already for my summer vacation!

Here are my personal favourties

The Cancer Slam

If, like me, cancer has impacted your life – either directly or via a loved one or relative then do please take a moment to view the video below and learn a little more about The Cancer Slam!

Cancer-Research-Cancer-Slam-by-David-Wilson2The Cancer Slam is a dance that everyone will come to associate with Race for Life, an ultimate show of defiance which is simple to learn and fun to do. It consists of 10 dance moves that have all been named to help people remember the routine. This dance will form part of the warm-up for all Race for Life events this summer. The music video is above and there is a tutorial available online for those of you who would like to learn the moves.

To be part of the The Cancer Slam craze and to help kick cancer’s butt, enter Race for Life today: There are over 230 events across the UK, so you can be pretty sure there is one near you soon, the more people who participate the better chance we have of making the 2013 Race for Life cancer’s worst nightmare.

It’s arrived! Olivia Palermo wears Oscar de la Renta for THE OUTNET

Known for his quintessential silhouettes, Oscar de la Renta has created an exclusive collection just for THE OUTNET!

Olivia_Palermo_Oscar_De_La_Renta_Lookbook_05-e1362014053838There are very few designs who are as icon as Oscar de la Renta – he has a true appreciation fashion and a thorough understanding the styles that work for women – with focus on feminine silhouettes, princess-like gowns, and couture-like refinement. His designs are truly what fashion dreams are made of! Obviously when I was asked to give feature for his capsule collection for the I did not hesistate to say YES!

With this collection for the Outnet, more people can have a garment designed by Oscar de la Renta hanging in their wardrobe to treasure! Believe me this is not an opportunity to miss out on. Every single piece of his designs have never failed to be timeless and definitively his style. The entire collection was created using fabrics and patterns from the Oscar de la Renta archives.

So do check out the following examples from fabulous 24 piece collection of brightly colored, full skirted dresses, wide leg pants, and tie-neck blouses.

M&S Twiggy’s Top Fashion Tips 2013

Twiggy shares her tips on how to be a style icon during 2013. Her new collection for M&S is all about flattering fashion and attention to detail – plus its all mix and match! Check out her 2013 fashion tips in the video below.

Here is a brief summary of what she recommends but remember to watch the above video for some great additional tips and information.

layeringLayering: Layering is a great to do and is bang on trend this season once more. Its so easy to do and looks fabulous regardless of your shape – unlike Twiggy some of us ladies have little failings we like to do – and layering works wonders for this! So don’t worry if you shirt hangs below your jacket – that is a great look for this season.

Twiggy for M&S Woman Tweed Pencil Skirt £35.00

Twiggy for M&S Woman Tweed Pencil Skirt £35.00

Experiment with Fitted skirts: Never one for mini skirts, or even skirts in general really, but the new fitted skirts in the flattering length are fabulous this season. Great for those of us who look good in a tight tailored skirt but dont have the legs for a mini!

 Angel Cotton Rich Skinny Fit Washed Denim Jeans £22.00

Angel Cotton Rich Skinny Fit Washed Denim Jeans £22.00

Skinny Jeans: Personally I hate them but if you are slender like Twiggy then skinny jeans are a fabulous look for you this season, in fact they have been bang on season for sometime now as they are a great piece of clothing to mix with current fashions year after year!

Go Belted: Great for us girls with a waistline this one! Good look for this season! There are some fabulous styles in the stores – have lots in different styles. Enhance your waistline ladies!

Most of all BE BRAVE. Great advice from Twiggy in the above video. We love her here at The Style Dragon!

Angela Scanlon’s confashion | MyDaily Fashion Priest

Dublin based style icon Angela Scanlon steps into Fashion Priest’s confashion box to tell him what she really thinks about who’s on trend and who’s definitely not.

lady-gaga-meat-dress1I definitely agree with her statement on Lady Gaga being the ultimate fashion sinner. As a general rule this ladies sense of fashion, and I lose the term loosely here, really does not work for me either. That said Angela later recommends bravery in her fashion and surely if anyone is brave in her fashion choices its Lady Gaga! Lets face it, you´d have to be brave to even consider stepping out in public in some of her choices!

imelda-mayImelda May also has real fashion sense. The girl knows how to dress her figure.

Perhaps Lady Gaga could visit her for a few fashion tips?

I dispute her last claim however. Picking the right set of shoes for some ladies is a life or death situation :p Trust me!