Looking for a stylish Satchell?

A short while ago I documented my pursuit of the perfect handbag online – not only covering those “within my means” (ie cheap) but also those definitely outside of my means (expensive!). Needless to say my heart desired the most expensive to which my wallet screamed an unresounding no! Pity they were so pretty and making do with what you can afford when you are a fashionista can sometimes prove difficult… I still live for that lottery win or a best selling novel!

Anyway I recently uncovered another find, Modaqueen, where I found some delightful Melie Bianco hand bags for prices I actually can afford! This turquoise one is my absolute favourite – combining great colour and design, perfect for this seasons trends, with usability. Those handy little pockets are sure to help me avoid that awkward and heart stopping “where are my keys?!!” moment when I get to the front door of my apartment block with a pile of shopping! Its beautifully designed and handy for day to day usage, and really does put a fresh spin on everyday basic handbags with just the right amount of pockets and adhornment to lift this lovely minimal piece – great value at just $97 – not to mention the store offers free shipping on all orders delivered to the U.S, with fairly reasonable rates if you are outside the US.

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