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moissanite jewelry

Daisy – 1.19ctw Round Brilliant Moissanite Flower Pendant, 14k White Gold, Regular Price: $1,299.00, Special Price: $699.00

If you are looking for quality jewelery unlike any other then you simply must check out moissanite jewelry. Their range really is like no other I have seen online – and the designs are truly awe inspiring.

Moissanite has been combining modern technology and engineering with good old fashioned artisan skill to bring you bold, exquisite jewels you are unlikely to find elsewhere since 1995. They are an exclusive worldwide marketer and distributor of created moissanite jewels.

For those not in the know Moissanite is rapidly becoming the most sought after jewel online. Moissanite itself is a rare mineral discovered in a crater in Arizona on 1893 by Henri Moissan, and since has been widely regarded as an excellent fine jewel with optical properties exceeding of those of the diamond. Now Natural Moissanite is a very rare mineral, and is typically found in iron-nickel meteorites. Moissanite grown in laboratories has now hit the market place in the form of cut gemstones in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most recently this form of Moissanite has begun to cause quite a stir in the jewelry markets.´s Lab grown Moissanite is very hard to differentiate from diamond. It is very hard, rated at 9.25 (diamond is 10) and has a high index of refractivity of 2.6 – 2.7 (diamond’s IR is slightly lower at 2.42). However, unlike other diamond simulants, Moissanite is highly thermally conductive, like diamonds.

Lifetime Warranty:- All items meet the most stringent quality-control, specifications and standards of the company. As such they provide a Certificate of Authenticity and Limited Lifetime Warranty guaranteeing you that your moissanite jewel will maintain its brilliance and fire, without fading or changing color.

Shipping: Most items are shipped within 5-10 business days.

Returns: 30 day return policy on ALL items purchased from

If you are looking for a quality jewelries in affordable prices just hop in to They offer wide range of exquisite jewelry viewable according to design, style, and class – so whether you are looking for unique rings, watches, earrings, bracelets or pendants I really would advise a visit to them today.

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