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Up until recently I had never heard of, a US optical company, but having scanned their range in a bid to find some nice sunglasses I was naturally delighted to write a review for them – of both the sunglasses and their service.

For those not in the know is a leading store selling quality glasses and sunglasses at affordable prices. They offer a wide variety of prescription and, of course, non-prescription sunglasses, at prices people can afford. Their prices are exceptionally good value for money when you compare the prices you would pay on the high street for the same quality. But, on checking out their store online, I had to wonder – was their a catch? Well, as it turns out, I could find none. Not only was I exceptionally happy with the stylish sunglasses I received but I was also astounded by the service.

Firmoo has a wide selection, 300 styles in all, of affordable and stylish frames for you to choose from. I chose a lovely pair of deep purple wrap around sunglasses.

Initial Impressions.

The glasses were well packaged in their own case and with a branded cloth bag for storing. The glasses are a beautiful deep purple, and nicely designed. They are good quality, infinitely superior to my current pair, and are beautifully designed.

The Fitting

Fit lovely!

Generally speaking I do not have problems getting sunglasses to fit my face shape – but my eyes are very sensitive to the sun and, a result, it is essential I have a good style with wrap around feature. This is one of the main reasons I love this pair so much. The shape, with their nearly square lenses, are very flattering to most face shapes. They have a nice curve which ensures they fit neatly on the face and are perfectly sized to protect the eyes from strong sunshine and dust (for example when the breeze is up). They fit nicely on the face and are secure without being too tight or uncomfortable.

Value for Money

The glasses I chose retail at just $42. This represents superb value for money – they are beautifully designed and can be adapted to suit your prescription.


They currently ship extensively across the world – within the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Papau New Guinea, UK, Germany, France, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden,Netherland, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Greece, Malta, Luxembourg, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Korea, South Korean, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia,…

When your order amount exceeds $39 you will be entitled to free shipping….

More than anything I was astounded by the speed of delivery – my chosen pair were despatched on 25 August 2012. Given how long items normally take to arrive at my home I prepared myself for a long wait. You can imagine my surprise therefore when they arrived on the 30th August 2012! Only four working days after despatch? Really? Some of the more local companies could do to take a few hints from how quickly these guys deliver.

Free Eye Wear Program

Fimroo has launched a program offering free eyewear for first-time buyers if it is their first purchase at Firmoo. Vision & Fashion the Frugal Way is their ultimate goal, so they have started to offer free eyewear including regular eyeglasses, bifocals, progressives, sunglasses, goggles, etc. for customers to try their quality products and service.

To quality for your free eyewear all you have to do is:-

1. Click ANY EYEWEAR you like on our site and view the details

Click the button “New customer? Get your first pair free now” and then share the eyewear. Once you share it successfully, you’ll get a voucher of an equal value.

To find out more about this superb offer please visit free eye wear offer.

Also be sure to check out your potential eyewear using their application which allows you to try on a pair virtually – simply upload an image and try them on. You can then share the image on your or firmoo´s facebook page!


No monetary reward was received for the purpose of writing this review. A free pair of sunglasses was received in order to conduct an honest review of the service received and their product. This review represents the true opinion of The Style Dragon

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