Body Shape Dressing: The Pear Shape

A short while ago we kicked off with our series of advice articles on dressing your body type. Although there is no hard one size fits all rule for everyone there are some basic rules to ensure you are aware of what styles will suit your shape and which styles most certainly wont! We kicked off with my own body shape, the hour glass, a short while ago.

What is an pear shape figure?

The Pear Body type, often referred to as a triangle, is where your hips are larger than your bust. Your waist is usually nicely defined and your bust is fairly small with narrow shoulders. When you gain weight you ten to gain weight in your bottom and legs, followed by your tummy and lastly in your upper body.

How to Dress a Pear Body Shape

The pear shaped should definitely work to emphasize the waist which is, generally speaking, their best asset – being nicely defined.

The key to dressing a pear shaped body is to play a little game with reducing the hips whilst adding volume to the upper body in order to bring balance. This may seem like a tall order but it can be achieved and, if you chose wisely, you can give the illusion of a nice hourglass figure. Unlike the hourglass who work tailored one piece dresses well the most curvy appearance for pear shapes can be gained through the mixing and matching of seperates.

Tops: – Look for tops that will will help give the illusion of more volume in the bust whilst balancing out the lower body and hips. Opt for tops with nipped or fitted waists, Off the shoulder, boat-neck tops, wide V or U necks, Structured shoulders, princess or flutter sleeves. Chose clothing with embellishments around the bust and shoulders, and donĀ“t be afraid of bright colours and bold patterns!

Bottoms:- Whilst seeking to add volume with the upper body you need to work to minimise your lower half. Go for trousers that fall straight from the widest part of our hip – this helps to bring a degree of balance to your lower half. You can also rock A-Line and gathered skirts (providing they skim rather than add volume). Avoid anything with large pockets and try avoid bright patterns and colours. Opt instead for dark colours with clean lines and simplicity.

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