Don’t Take Care of Your Clothing? That’s Costly

A good amount of our budget goes to buying the clothes that we need. However, if we start spending almost $4,000 a year on clothing,then we might start thinking of ways as to how to control our spending. Inappropriate care of clothing and even wrong choice of clothes can cost us a great deal of savings. Being able to hang on to your clothes longer by extending their life is one step to save more money; here are some tips to prolong the closet-life of your clothes.

Less Laundry and Cold Water

To preserve the integrity of the clothes and to make them last longer avoid laundering them often (except if the need does arise). Too much laundering can destroy the fabric. As much as possible wear the items more than once before laundering. When laundering clothes, it is advisable to use cold water. Cold water is gentler on clothing materials, costs less and can clean most clothes except whites with heavy stains.

Avoid Bleaches

Bleaches usually cause the fabric to disintegrate quickly.  The thinner the fabric becomes, the more prone it is to damage. If you want to remove stains on white clothes or light colored clothes, try using alternatives such as baking soda and hot water. Stained white clothes can also be managed by laundering them immediately or by soaking them in hot water first to soften the stain. If the stains are far too heavy for baking soda and hot water, choose a laundering agent that is not strong enough to destroy the fabric.

Hang Them Out Dry

Nowadays, we use drying machines to dry our clothes. This may be convenient, but it can hurt your pocket as it may cause high electric bills. Not only does it hurt your finances, it can also do damage to your clothes. Hanging your clothes outside may be old fashioned but this technique can save you a whole lot. Sun drying the clothes also increases the clothes life by up to 50% compared to those dried through a machine.

Zip Up

If you are laundering clothes with zippers, make sure to zip them up first. Metal zippers on jackets, jeans and other clothing items can act like chainsaws, which can rip and damage fabrics.

Fix While Small

After laundering, check your clothes for small rips and snags. Have them fixed or repaired because these small tears can become big ones very quickly. So while the problems are still small and manageable, have them fixed.

Go for Classics and Not Fads

Go for the clothes with styles that never go out of fashion instead of fads. Classic styles are good all year round or even for the following years to come. This way you wouldn’t have to buy as much. Don’t focus too much on the latest fashion fads. Fashion trends often change abruptly and before you know it, the clothes you have bought yesterday may not be so trendy the next day. This can just be a waste of money as the clothes are then left on the hanger untouched. Go for classic styles and styles that really flatter you. This way you can just mix and match and there is no need to buy another set of clothes.

This article is written by Amarendra who loves to give advices on clothing, clothes hangers, and fashion. He advocates for a lifestyle that is both cost effective yet stylish.

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