How to Learn About Fashion Design

Answering a question like how to learn about fashion design is very vague indeed. One could argue that if we watch television, go to a movie, look at a magazine, surf the internet or glance at billboards as we drive, we are learning about fashion design. After all, the people in mainstream medea are wearing clothes that were designed to appeal to readers and viewers.

Perhaps your thirst for knowledge about fashion design goes a little beyond the casual observer. Learning about fashion design for you means that you will be on the cutting edge of fashion. You will know where to shop and which designers to buy. You long to have the look that is beautiful, hip, hot and happening. For this level of fashion design learning, there is a myriad of resources for you. There are countless fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle, InStyle, Fashion and Cosmo. You can watch events with red carpets and celebrities who show off the latest in fashion. Reality television shows like What Not To Wear, Project Runway and countless others can provide an education on fashion design. And, of course, you can surf the internet and perhaps land on a blog like this one where fashion is the only topic of choice. You can learn to spot the right design, wear the latest fashion and know the names in fashion design.

What if, however, you are obsessed with fashion? According to iseek education, those who should learn enough about fashion design to make a career of it have a unique sense of style. When they watch fashion shows or peruse fashion magazines, they envision their own designs on the models. These people may even prefer wearing their own designs rather than shopping for the latest styles in stores. These individuals are passionate about learning fashion design because it is their dream to be a fashion designer.

If the dream is to be a fashion designer, then the question how to learn about fashion design becomes much more serious. Onet Online reports that 36% of fashion designers have an associate’s degree, 26% acquire some college or formal education, and 24% of fashion designers have a bachelor’s degree. It would seem that becoming a fashion designer requires formal education.

Fashion design certificate and degree programs prepare students to design clothing for commercial sale. Fashion design courses can be found at traditional schools and at online schools. Courses at a traditional colleges are attended at a certain time and place. Students have face to face interaction with instructors and classmates. Online courses offer more flexibility because classes are taken on a computer from home and can be completed at any time. Choosing a school may require some thought and research. 

The question may not be how do I learn about fashion design, but rather what do I want to learn about fashion design. If the answer is that you want to look and feel great, then magazines and television shows are for you. However, if what you want to learn about fashion design includes becoming the next big designer, then your learning should include an accredited certificate or degree program in fashion design. 

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