The Cancer Slam

If, like me, cancer has impacted your life – either directly or via a loved one or relative then do please take a moment to view the video below and learn a little more about The Cancer Slam!

Cancer-Research-Cancer-Slam-by-David-Wilson2The Cancer Slam is a dance that everyone will come to associate with Race for Life, an ultimate show of defiance which is simple to learn and fun to do. It consists of 10 dance moves that have all been named to help people remember the routine. This dance will form part of the warm-up for all Race for Life events this summer. The music video is above and there is a tutorial available online for those of you who would like to learn the moves.

To be part of the The Cancer Slam craze and to help kick cancer’s butt, enter Race for Life today: There are over 230 events across the UK, so you can be pretty sure there is one near you soon, the more people who participate the better chance we have of making the 2013 Race for Life cancer’s worst nightmare.

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