The Hidden Nasties in your Touthbrush

I brush my teeth morning and night and change my touthbrush frequently, usually every three to four months if I remember.Speaking as someone who is currently suffering from influenza this advertisement from Colgate came as a bit of an eye opener since, I had always assumed, brushes need to be changed because of general wear and tear. Sure, I had considered the hygiene value but had never once considered the effect of having cold and flu.

Am I the only one this comes as a surprise to? Either way I dragged my poorly little self to the store in order to purchase new brushes and will make sure that, in future, they will be changed frequently and after every cold or flu (or similar) outbreak!

This is a sponsored post but the opinions held within it are my own.


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    So true. My electric toothbrush gets sterilised daily – as best as I can. I am a hygiene freak and always carry sanitiser with me everywhere along with a travel size Listerine mouthwash


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