Transform Yourself for the Christmas Party

Tis the Season to be……different

As the festive season is fast approaching, the opportunity to let your hair down is well and truly deserved. Whether attending the annual office party or out with friends you want to look your best. As this is the time of year where possibilities are endless you want to ensure you look your best, so how can this be achieved? Throw out your wardrobe and start again? Not really an option as finances are restricted for many at the moment.  Here we look at some handy solutions to help transform you this Christmas.

Sequins, Sequins, Sequins

Sequins are a perfect way to style up any outfit you wear to the Christmas party. Sequin dresses ooze style and sophistication and will draw wanted attention from both sexes. You will be shining brighter than usually, so be careful to not over accessorise and just let the outfit speak for itself. The festive season is the time to sparkle and dazzle so ensure you catch the eyes of others.

It’s all about the Hair

If you’re attending the office Christmas party it’s really worth making that extra special effort to ensure you stand out, and a great place to start is with your hair. How often do you rush to work in a morning, payin no attention whats so ever to your hair? Its Christmas so treat yourself, spend the day being pampered prior to the party and consider the new hair style for you. Right now, french twists along with low side buns are very much in vogue this winter, so be sure to stand out. Your efforts are bound to get you noticed, and maybe even a promotion for the new year.

Be Happy and Smile

If you’re not one for big social occasions make this the season to change this. Make an effort to talk to people you don’t usually speak to. Be confident and use the venue as your stage to show the new you. Many people feel restricted when it comes to conversation and smiling as they can feel embarrassed about their teeth, but with the cost of lingual braces dramatically falling, maybe this is the Christmas to truly transform yourself.

Overindulgence? Not just yet..

Yes this is the chance to let your hair down but overindulgence of free alcohol will not help you during your transformation this Christmas. Keep an eye on how much you drink and back this up with the occasional soft drink to ensure you don’t become ‘that person’ everyone remembers for all the wrong reasons the next day.. Nothing cries unattractive more than the drunk girl at the party now does it.

Have Fun

Being fun is truly the most attractive quality of anyone, so just ensure you’re not the person hiding away in the corner looking at their watch, trying to find the right time to leave.

Author Bio

Sarah works as a personal stylist and life coach to those looking to take their life to the next level.

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