What do you take in your purse for a night out on the town?

nighttime-bagI am one of those ladies who always like to be prepared when she ventures out for the night to a bar or club. Me and the girls emptied out our purses the other night to compare notes and, in doing so, we decided it would be really interesting to conduct an online survey of what girls (or guys if they wish to take part) consider to be essential items for a night out. A night out on the town deserves a glam bag. Most of us try to make sure you don’t pack everything including the kitchen sink into it – just have the bare necessities ready while you shine and sparkle through the evening

First off here were the contents of our night out purses.

1. Driver’s license – Bit of a no brainer largely because its your number one source of identity. It’s also important to have if you have to drive yourself home or you’ve become the designated driver.

2. Mobile Phone: Safety first girls! Always carry a mobile phone wherever you go on a night. Plus these are often great for taking photos of your night out for a keepsake or future blackmail.

3. Lipstick: Every girl in our group had at least one lipstick in their essential kit. Necessary for those touch up moments!

4. Emergency Touch Up Kit – Generally comprised of a little kit of powder foundation & eyeshadow . Although one of our group had the equivalent of her entire make up kit in her bag. A mirror is always handy too.

5. Washlets (Wet Wipes): Taking some wet wipes on a night out is a good idea when you consider the state of some night club facilities by the end of the night. Very useful! You can get them in a handy pocket size kit so they don’t bulk up your purse. Most of us were inspired to include these by the latest Clean Campaign from Andrex.

6. Plasters – Ever gone out in a brand new pair of shoes without them? If you┬┤re intelligent you don’t do it twice! Great for sticking over a rubbed heal.

7. Folding Brush: Great for those winter nights on the town when its a bit breezy!

8. Chewing Gum: Cleans teeth and freshens breath! A must have in every girls or guys night out kit in my view…

9. Female Protection: This one goes without saying. Be aware. Be safe.

10. Tissues: Great item for smudged lipstick or tears. Many nights out usually involve coming across someone leaking from the eyes!

So, that was the summation of our essential kits, whats yours?

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