Creep it Real: Halloween Clothes at Missguided

Looking for something a little but different to wear this Halloween. Then do take the time to check out one of my personal favourite stores, Missguided, its got a fabulous Halloween range this year!!

It’s arrived! Olivia Palermo wears Oscar de la Renta for THE OUTNET

Known for his quintessential silhouettes, Oscar de la Renta has created an exclusive collection just for THE OUTNET!

Olivia_Palermo_Oscar_De_La_Renta_Lookbook_05-e1362014053838There are very few designs who are as icon as Oscar de la Renta – he has a true appreciation fashion and a thorough understanding the styles that work for women – with focus on feminine silhouettes, princess-like gowns, and couture-like refinement. His designs are truly what fashion dreams are made of! Obviously when I was asked to give feature for his capsule collection for the I did not hesistate to say YES!

With this collection for the Outnet, more people can have a garment designed by Oscar de la Renta hanging in their wardrobe to treasure! Believe me this is not an opportunity to miss out on. Every single piece of his designs have never failed to be timeless and definitively his style. The entire collection was created using fabrics and patterns from the Oscar de la Renta archives.

So do check out the following examples from fabulous 24 piece collection of brightly colored, full skirted dresses, wide leg pants, and tie-neck blouses.

M&S Twiggy’s Top Fashion Tips 2013

Twiggy shares her tips on how to be a style icon during 2013. Her new collection for M&S is all about flattering fashion and attention to detail – plus its all mix and match! Check out her 2013 fashion tips in the video below.

Here is a brief summary of what she recommends but remember to watch the above video for some great additional tips and information.

layeringLayering: Layering is a great to do and is bang on trend this season once more. Its so easy to do and looks fabulous regardless of your shape – unlike Twiggy some of us ladies have little failings we like to do – and layering works wonders for this! So don’t worry if you shirt hangs below your jacket – that is a great look for this season.

Twiggy for M&S Woman Tweed Pencil Skirt £35.00

Twiggy for M&S Woman Tweed Pencil Skirt £35.00

Experiment with Fitted skirts: Never one for mini skirts, or even skirts in general really, but the new fitted skirts in the flattering length are fabulous this season. Great for those of us who look good in a tight tailored skirt but dont have the legs for a mini!

 Angel Cotton Rich Skinny Fit Washed Denim Jeans £22.00

Angel Cotton Rich Skinny Fit Washed Denim Jeans £22.00

Skinny Jeans: Personally I hate them but if you are slender like Twiggy then skinny jeans are a fabulous look for you this season, in fact they have been bang on season for sometime now as they are a great piece of clothing to mix with current fashions year after year!

Go Belted: Great for us girls with a waistline this one! Good look for this season! There are some fabulous styles in the stores – have lots in different styles. Enhance your waistline ladies!

Most of all BE BRAVE. Great advice from Twiggy in the above video. We love her here at The Style Dragon!

Angela Scanlon’s confashion | MyDaily Fashion Priest

Dublin based style icon Angela Scanlon steps into Fashion Priest’s confashion box to tell him what she really thinks about who’s on trend and who’s definitely not.

lady-gaga-meat-dress1I definitely agree with her statement on Lady Gaga being the ultimate fashion sinner. As a general rule this ladies sense of fashion, and I lose the term loosely here, really does not work for me either. That said Angela later recommends bravery in her fashion and surely if anyone is brave in her fashion choices its Lady Gaga! Lets face it, you´d have to be brave to even consider stepping out in public in some of her choices!

imelda-mayImelda May also has real fashion sense. The girl knows how to dress her figure.

Perhaps Lady Gaga could visit her for a few fashion tips?

I dispute her last claim however. Picking the right set of shoes for some ladies is a life or death situation :p Trust me!

M&S Woman with Lisa Snowdon : Spring Fashion Trends

Lisa Snowdon talks spring fashion trends and displays a few of her favourite key pieces from the Marks & Spencers range.

Freshwater Cove from Marks & Spencers

Glam Grunge: Smells Like High Fashion


Many people consider grunge to be a low point in fashion history, as the 90s rocker style went against the grain of conventionally beautiful aesthetics and in extreme measures, disregarded concern for appearance completely. However, at the time grunge had much going for it; youthful energy, rebellion, the shock factor and effortlessness, making the grunge comeback inevitable. Fast forward two decades and grunge has taken on a new form that has been adopted by some of tinsel town’s most high profile celebrities. ‘Glam grunge’ is grunge’s pretty younger sister; she’s influenced by her predecessor but has also learnt from her mistakes, and has emerged as something unique and spectacular….let’s take a closer look.

What is Glam Grunge?

As the name suggests, glam grunge is the marriage of the 90s rock aesthetic with more visually appealing elements, with the intention to be bold and unique (like grunge) but also beautiful. We are already familiar with some grunge elements as they have featured in millennium fashion, such as ripped and faded jeans, smoky eyes and printed tees, however this season sees the resurgence of the entire style (appropriated of course), and not just a few disparate essentials. Today’s glam grunge makes use of under biker jackets, plaid shirts either loose or tied at the waste, and flat ankle boots with bold buckles, zippers and laces.

Glam Grunge Style Tips from the Catwalk

The trick to glam grunge, as we have seen on the spring/ summer catwalks, is effortless layering. However, be sure to stick to lose yet styled items and not sloppy jerseys; you want to fuse edginess with carefree elegance and not look like you just rolled out of bed. Another glam grunge tip is to choose dark shades of colour that complement grays and blacks, and for a splash of white go for a white printed tee or a fur lined biker jacket. Dries Van Noten wowed onlookers with his interpretation of glam grunge: a gray oversized sweater effortlessly pulled over a deep purple print chiffon dress. Hair was tussled and lips were painted with a cherry tone, making for a bold and ‘unkept beauty’ look. For a tougher adaptation, opt for a leather jacket with plaid pants. Accessorise with scarves and belts, but be sure to maintain that nonchalant look.

Who’s Rocking Glam Grunge in Hollywood?

Judging from recent snaps, glam grunge has taking Hollywood by storm. Some of its proponents include Gwen Stefani (who has always been a pro at combining punk rock and tailored chic), the beautiful Jessica Alba, Ashley Olsen, Nicole Richie and Kate Bosworth. So does glam grunge still smell like teen spirit? No, more like high fashion!

Penny Munroe is an avid writer in fashion related news and tips, and enjoys educating her audience on the season’s hottest womens tops to everyday styling tips.

Day to Evening Wear from Marks & Spencers

In the present financial climate many of the clothes we buy need to be versatile which is why this years range of Day to Evening Wear is particularly good. Marks and Spencers have a great collection of key pieces which are incredible versatile and, with the right choice of accessories, can be used for casually during the day or dressed up at night. Take a look at the video below for some great advice on choosing the perfect day to evening wear outfit with some useful tips on how to dress up and dress down those key pieces.

Per Una Speziale Cap Sleeve Textured Dress I´ve had a look through the current range and there are a great selection of pieces which, when following the great tips in the video above, can be used for day to evening wear. Many of the outfits in Twiggy´s Winter Collection for example would be superb for this – since they are designed to be mix and match. The key point to remember is you are looking for outfit versatility so look for key pieces which have classic chic but can appear totally different when combined with the right accessories – signature jewellery, a pair of heals, or a cool bikers jacket.

Striking Abstract Day to evening wear need not be dull – it can be as striking as you want it to be with just a little imagination. Follow the above tips from Marks and Spencers and really step out in style this winter with great and versatile signature pieces.

5 Must Have Looks for Winter

As the seasons change, fashion trends follow suit; going from the floral prints and the light colors of spring and summer to the darker tones and warmer attire of the winter months. In some climates such as San Diego, California, women can get away with wearing their summer clothes all year long as it rarely rains or gets much colder than 60 degrees during the day. But in other regions where they actually have seasons, winter calls for some necessary wardrobe purchases. Here are the top 5 must haves for winter:

1.) Winter Coats

No woman, or man for that matter, should go without a few winter coats. Tailored, black blazers that define the shoulders and waist are perfect for the office while the popular “boyfriend” hoodies or cardigans are great for doing errands around town or a casual lunch date with a friend. Faux-fur trim pea coats or simple trench coats are also ideal for a chilly night on the town.

2.) Boots

What sandals are to summer is what boots are to winter. Although UGG boots have been around for quite some time now, they became extremely popular in the early 2000`s and are still favored among many as they are both comfortable and stylish. For the times when UGG boots just aren’t acceptable attire, a pair of ankle boots to go with your favorite pair of jeans or some knee high boots to go with warm leggings are great to have in the closet.

3.) Big Scarves and Hats

Scarves are not only accessories that can change the look of any outfit but can be life savers in cold weather. Hats, while many women prefer not to mess up their up-dos, are also extremely handy to have around on a cold day. Brimmed hats and cute beanie’s can spice up any outfit and keep your head and ears warmed up while the temperature drops!

4.) Warm Workout Attire

In the Winter months, people tend to pack on the pounds due to Holiday eating and the weather can make one sluggish, causing them to get lazy about working out. Who wants to go for a run in the cold when sitting inside by the fire drinking hot cocoa sounds so much more appealing? Investing in some warm sweatshirts and workout pants might just make going to the gym or taking the dog on a brisk walk that much less of a chore. And as a reward for getting out there and working up a sweat, get a nice bag to hold all of the new gym clothes and accessories. Brands such as Jet tennis bags are offered in fashionable winter colors and are perfect for the court or just about anywhere. Walk into the locker room with style!

5.) Winter Dresses

Many can`t get enough of the strappy mini dresses but for winter that type of clothing, or lack thereof, just won`t do! There are tons of winter dresses out there designed with long sleeves and warm material; great for Holiday parties or nights out on the town! If you still can’t part with the beloved mini, pair the dress with a pair of black leggings, some boots and a warm jacket.  Lace and polka dots are in high demand for Winter 2012-13, so make sure to stock up—you can never have enough dresses!

Winter doesn`t have to mean baggy jackets and sweats. Of course the sunshine is missed but the chilly days and cold nights of winter remind everyone that the Holidays are in sight!  

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Courtney Sloan is a college student majoring in Mass Media interested in fashion, health and tennis.

Vintage Vixen

Retro’s been renewed for Autumn/winter 2012 and it carries on into spring/summer 2013.

Vintage fashion has been one of the hottest trends of the past few years and, proving once again that classic, elegant chic never goes out of fashion, we’re set to see even more faux vitage looks hitting the high street in A/W 2012/ 2013.

So now the challenge is working the vintage trend in both seasons and only going shopping for one, how you say?

Answer, ACCESSORIES, ladies you all know by now that no outfit is complete without that gorgeous matching handbag or those statement heels so here’s the lowdown on how to get the throwback trend and make it last.

The humble satchel is your vintage heritage must have and with so many on the high street you’ll be spoilt for choice, I however recommend this floral accessorize satchel £35

Vintage floral satchel by accessorize / Price: £35 / From: Accessorize

Get ready to take 40’s housewife to a new level, headscarves are your bad hair day savior and how you wear it is up to you.

This handkerchief style headscarf from urban outfitters is a winner and only £10

Handkerchief style headscarf by Urban Outfitters / Price: £10 / From: Urban Outfitters

Bomber Jackets are cool, causal and go with just about everything from the skinheads of the 80’s to the catwalks of 2012, think ‘This Is England’ and wear it with pride, if our dad doesn’t already have one this on trend Berry bomber from Topshop is perfect, at £50 its must have

Berry Bomber Jacket by Top Shop / Price: £50 / From: Top Shop

Peace signs are everywhere and with the 60’s gradually making their way back, its time you made sure you’ve got plenty of them, I love this gold pendant necklace from River Island and at £5 it’s a steal

Gold Pendant Peace Sign Necklace from River Island / Price: £5 / From: River Island

Ladylike chic is always important, you might seem to forget that after a few glasses of wine but its true so at least try and fake it with some classic pearls, earrings, necklace, bracelet or even a versatile collar that can be used to add that little something extra to your favourite cosy jumper or floral skater dress, Collar £28 River Island

Versatile collar from River Island / Price: £28 / From: River Island


Written by Sinead from Style in View a new fashion store and blog in the UK

Pretty Knitwear : Jumpers are IN Autumn / Winter 2012

Now winter is fully upon us and we are feeling the chill we decided to revisit an earlier post. Signature jumpers are IN this Autumn / Winter 2012 and their are some fabulous choices to be had in the main high street stores and online. In this post we will be pointing out some of our personal favourites from Apricot,…

Colour Block Jumpers

Stone Colour Block Jumper £33.00

Stone Colour Block Jumper

Eyelash Colour Block Jumper      Price: £37.00

Eyelash Colour Block Jumper
Price: £37.00

Colour blocking is still in and we found this lovely Stone Colour Block Jumper for £33.00 from Apricot (the jumper is also available in Burgundy).

If you would like something a little lighter and fluffier then you should check Miss Selfridge and, in particular, this lovely Eyelash Colour Block Jumper for £37.00

Oversize Jumpers

Stone Oversize Aran Knitted Jumper £31.00

Stone Oversize Aran Knitted Jumper

Katherine Studded Shoulder Oversized Jumper £22.00

Katherine Studded Shoulder Oversized Jumper

Everyone needs a beautiful snuggly oversize jumper in their wardrobe and this one from Apricot certainly fits the bill – Oversized ribbed and cable knit detail thick knitted jumper with slight dip hem, open hem at bottom and chunky roll neck. This oversized jumper is also available in Rust. I also like this Katherine Studded Shoulder Oversized Jumper from Boohoo available in both black and purple.

Aztec Print Jumpers

Charlotte Aztec Jumper £22.00

Charlotte Aztec Jumper

Lizbeth Super Soft Aztec Jumper In Cream Cream £24.99

Lizbeth Super Soft Aztec Jumper In Cream

Personally I am not a fan of any jumper which could induce neighbourhood sizes at me but some of these Aztec print are really very nice. I found this Charlotte Aztec Jumper for £22.00 at Boohoo which I quite like.

This Lizbeth Super Soft Aztec Jumper In Cream from missguided is a super soft fluffy jumper which will keep you warm and looking stylish this winter with all over aztec print.

The Jumper Dress

Stone Illusion Jumper Dress £30.00

Stone Illusion Jumper Dress

Versatile Knit £29.95

Versatile Knit £29.95

I love Jumper Dresses. I always have a couple in my wardrobe simply because they are so versatile and, given the right fit, very sexy too! I have a black jumper dress which clings in all the right places and I never fail to draw complements whenever I wear it. I found this lovely bodycon stone illusion jumper dress online which really caught my eye (pictured right)

One store I can always rely on to find something a little different is Joe Browns – they have a superb selection and this year is no different. I found this lovely Versatile Knit in red and plum

Crochet Jumper

Black crochet jumper £36.00

Black crochet jumper £36.00

Black crochet batwing Jumper £26.00

Black crochet batwing Jumper £26.00

Two jumpers I simply had to feature because it was, quite literally love at first sight, were these delightful katsumi crochet sweaters from Dorothy Perkins – a beautiful Black crochet jumper for £36.00 and a Black crochet batwing Jumper for £26.00