Get Skin Perfect from Dr Lewinn´s – Foundation Tips

Dean_Nixon_Dr_Lewinns_Skin_Perfect_01I have often found that many women do not have a clue how best to chose the right foundation and apply it. Dr Lewinn. For years, Dr Lewinn’s has provided women with innovative products for every major skin and nail complaint. Now, Dr. LeWinn’s has launched it’s first cosmetics range, Skin Perfect, and staying true to the brand’s style and objectives, this range isn’t just about covering problems on the surface, it’s packed full innovative ingredients for younger looking skin.

Whether you chose to use their products or not, which I admit are fantastic, the video below has some great tips on choosing the right foundation, applying it and of course adding colour and illumination for that much desired perfect and flawless skin look.

Finding the perfect foundation really can be a mindfield. It all begins with choosing the correct colour for you skin. This is often an issue for most women. Just remember trying the foundation on your hand or the back of your wrist is not the answer! Always try on your jawline. Otherwise you risk that undesired orange look – or no better – the vampire white look. Try three shades – the shade you think, one lighter and one darker. Remember, as the lady advised, you are using a foundation to even out your natural skin tone – you are not adding colour. To add colour use a blusher or a bronzing powder.

The best way to apply foundation is with a professional flat makeup brush – not your fingers. The finish is better.

Use a concealer after foundation.

Try using an illuminator to really draw attention to where the light hits the face for a truly radiant look.

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The Pastel Look


The FULL HEAD of colour

Dip Dyed Hair

Dr LeWinn´s Skin Care Regime

I have previously touched one of the range of products by Dr LeWinn before but I am once again returning to this cosmetic range having recently been made aware of a special offer – and, of course, I would like to highlight just how fabulous this range really is. Anti-age cosmetics are commonplace now but, going by my own experience, it is rare to find one which truly works. I have only recently started using some of these products – shortly before posting my last video but I am exceptionally impressed with the results so far. I am be reviewing in the near future – when I have compiled before & after but needless to say the results have been promising!

For those not in the know here is a little background information. Dr. LeWinn was one of the world’s most distinguished plastic surgeons and founder of the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Philadelphia amongst others. As a specialist Dr. LeWinn was respected and renowned by many in his profession and often he would be consulted for advice by dermatologists, cosmetic scientists and celebrity clients who wanted recommendations on how to improve the skin’s appearance. The response to these queries lead him to create his own skincare range capable of delivering remarkable results against the visible signs of ageing. His range has given spectacular results, even in the harshest skin climates in the world like Australia – and they have been tested extensively. The success of this experiment can be clearly seen in the fact that Dr. LeWinn’s has been named as the Top Performing Premium Skincare brand in Australia for the last 11 years.

That’s the background dispensed with. The range to date has been your usual but extremely affective fair of skin care items. Most recently has seen the release of a brand new Cosmetic Lift kit – being labelled as the non-surgical facelift. It has a celebrity fan following – with the most notable being the beautiful Jennifer Aniston.

Packed with high grade, premium ingredients to lift, firm and give the appearance of younger looking skin, Dr LeWinn’s Cosmetic Lift comprises a bumper value pack of FIVE full size youth-giving products, plus professional application brush, providing a non-surgical facelift for just £12 per treatment:

Gentle Facial Cleanser – with aloe and a unique blend of nutritional oils to rejuvenate, deeply cleanse and soften

Cosmetic Lift Activator – soothing and moisturising, plus anti-ageing hero ingredient Dimethyl MEA to firm (can also be used as a refreshing, revitalising toner!)

Cosmetic Lift Powder – a potent formulation using breakthrough ingredient Alpha Lipoic Acid that when combined with Cosmetic Lift Activator, creates a discernible lifting and tightening effect

Tissue Firming Serum – a cooling and nourishing blend of aloe, eyebright and cucumber which calms and soothes and is perfect for an extra overnight brightening boost in between treatments

Vitamin A Rejuvenation Cream – a vibrant yellow-gold super-nourishing moisturiser with a rich vitamin A content (1% – one of the highest on the market) to replenish dehydrated skin and help reverse signs of sun damage. Can also be used as a night cream to renew and nourish.

When used on a regular monthly basis, Dr LeWinn’s Cosmetic Lift has been found to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, refine the skin’s texture, firm, smooth and tighten in addition to reducing the appearance of age spots and pigmentation – all these, we know, are the tell tale signs of ageing.

Listed below are some of the other items from the Dr LeWinn´s range.

Dr LeWinn Reunail 3 Step

Dr LeWinn Reunail 3 Step
For longer stronger nails in just 4 weeks

Dr Lewinns Reverse the Hands of Time
For soft & smooth hands and fabulous strong nails

Transform Yourself for the Christmas Party

Tis the Season to be……different

As the festive season is fast approaching, the opportunity to let your hair down is well and truly deserved. Whether attending the annual office party or out with friends you want to look your best. As this is the time of year where possibilities are endless you want to ensure you look your best, so how can this be achieved? Throw out your wardrobe and start again? Not really an option as finances are restricted for many at the moment.  Here we look at some handy solutions to help transform you this Christmas.

Sequins, Sequins, Sequins

Sequins are a perfect way to style up any outfit you wear to the Christmas party. Sequin dresses ooze style and sophistication and will draw wanted attention from both sexes. You will be shining brighter than usually, so be careful to not over accessorise and just let the outfit speak for itself. The festive season is the time to sparkle and dazzle so ensure you catch the eyes of others.

It’s all about the Hair

If you’re attending the office Christmas party it’s really worth making that extra special effort to ensure you stand out, and a great place to start is with your hair. How often do you rush to work in a morning, payin no attention whats so ever to your hair? Its Christmas so treat yourself, spend the day being pampered prior to the party and consider the new hair style for you. Right now, french twists along with low side buns are very much in vogue this winter, so be sure to stand out. Your efforts are bound to get you noticed, and maybe even a promotion for the new year.

Be Happy and Smile

If you’re not one for big social occasions make this the season to change this. Make an effort to talk to people you don’t usually speak to. Be confident and use the venue as your stage to show the new you. Many people feel restricted when it comes to conversation and smiling as they can feel embarrassed about their teeth, but with the cost of lingual braces dramatically falling, maybe this is the Christmas to truly transform yourself.

Overindulgence? Not just yet..

Yes this is the chance to let your hair down but overindulgence of free alcohol will not help you during your transformation this Christmas. Keep an eye on how much you drink and back this up with the occasional soft drink to ensure you don’t become ‘that person’ everyone remembers for all the wrong reasons the next day.. Nothing cries unattractive more than the drunk girl at the party now does it.

Have Fun

Being fun is truly the most attractive quality of anyone, so just ensure you’re not the person hiding away in the corner looking at their watch, trying to find the right time to leave.

Author Bio

Sarah works as a personal stylist and life coach to those looking to take their life to the next level.

Sponsored Video: Autumn 2012 – Dr Lewinn´s Cosmetic Lift Application Video

Dr Lewinn´s Cosmetic LiftIf you need a visual guide on how best to apply Dr Lewinn´s Cosmetic Lift then the above video is just what you need. The Dr Lewinn´s Cosmetic Lift is something I have wanted to try for sometime now given that, at present moment, unlikely ever to be able to afford cosmetic surgery!. The price is £115 which, may at first glance appear expensive but when you factor in how much each of these items would cost to purchase individually – and how much we ladies often spend on expensive anti-wrinkle creams – there isn’t that much difference really.

The key is to start by cleansing carefully. After which you take one heaped teaspoon of the Cosmetic Lift Powder and one level teaspoon of the Cosmetic Lift Activator and mix into a smooth paste. Apply the mixture to your face with the brush supplied in the pack and leave for 30 minutes. Once time is up apply a little cleanser to your face and wash off. Finish up with the Tissue Firming Serum and the Vitamin A Rejuvenation Cream.

Try to use a small vessel to mix – such as a small bowl to mix the ingredients in – anything too large and it becomes difficult to mix as it is spread too thin. This can result in an unwanted consistency and unlikely to have the same result.

Take note – it does dry very tight – I know a lot of people who have found it unpleasant and removed it before the time was up, although honestly I did not have a problem with it.

Results overall were promising after just a couple of uses. There was a definite reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and my complexion was definitely brightened and smoother.

Quality Hair & Beauty Products Online

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With over 1,600 products in stock they are authorised distributors of TIGI, Bumble & bumble, Neal’s Yard, St. Tropez plus many more. I utilised active beauty a short while ago for hair care products – I am an active swimmer and have been having issues finding my Swim & Sun Hair Shampoo and Conditioner. Regular swimmers in chlorinated swimming pools will now just how important it is to remove chlorine and other related deposits from your hair after swimming to avoid drying out. Both products are available from active beauty along with a whole range of exceptional hair care, body care (shower gels, soaps and lotions), facial cosmetics, fragrances and much much more. They also have a superb range of make up available online. Check them out today.

The Body Shop: Lily Cole Liquid Eyeliner Review

I recently reviewed the Black Liquid Eyeliner from The Body Shop and found it, overall, disapointing. It struck me as being so thin I was unable to get the precise and even lines I am used to doing with ease – and, more importantly, it bled very easily. Granted there are many who love it and have great success – but we can only ever speak as we find!

When I first saw the Lily Cole Liquid Eyeliner from The Body Shop I was instantly enthralled with its absolutely stunning colour. Its a lovely violet colour – very unusual and absolutely fabulous on. I´m keeping this review short and sweet because honestly a lot of what I said about the Body Shop black eyeliner applies here. Granted I did prefer this and, owing to its beautiful colour, I was prepared to give it  better try! It applies fairly thin in my view which means to get a nice rich violet colour you need to apply two coats.

Absolutely adore the colour!

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The Body Shop Liquid Eyeliner Review

When I am going out on a night I like to have dramatic eyes – my preference for eyeliner has always been the liquid and gel versions which enable me to get the winged look I like. In my quest to find the best eyeliner I have been gradually working my way through a wide range – and, following a tip from a friend, decided to try The Body Shop Liquid Eyeliner. I am a bit of a fan of The Body Shop (both in the UK and Spain) and absolutely adore their range as a general rule. Sadly I was to find this is the only exception at this stage.

Following reading the reviews of others I cannot help but wonder maybe I have got a poor quality bottle which is the exception rather than the norm for this product – so do bare this in mind when you read the following comments. Most of my the reviews read – and my friends verify – this is one of the best eyeliners they have used. I have not found this to be the case. For me the eyeliner appeared watery, bled easily on application (even when I followed the normal eye area preparation techniques) and wore off extremely quickly (try a couple of hours before it appeared to lose its shape and colour).

I really like the bottle shape and mode of application – but the actual product, in my case at least, was watery and thin and applied poorly. It was difficult, if not near impossible on occasion, to get the perfect wing shape I can generally achieve so easily with other eyeliners. It bled very easily and was practically impossible to wear if I was abroad in Spain – simply because it had disapeared within very little time. Not so fabulous on a night out.


Lovely, as I have come to expect from The Body Shop. The brush is a nice size and shape – would be perfect if not for the eyeliner.


Watery. Hard to get a nice shape and near impossible to get the lovely winged shape I am so used to applying with ease. Went on a watery black which rapidly faded to grey before becoming blotchy within no time at all. Very disapointing for a night out! Sure it went on with ease and without dragging – but what use is this when the line it gives is not a quality finish?

Staying Power

Practically zero. In the UK on a night out it lasted 3 hours. In Spain this was probably halved. Not long before the finished effect looked tired – as did I.

Overall Opinion

As I said most people seem to adore this eyeliner which leaves me wondering if maybe I was just in receipt of a poor quality bottle. I am used to being able to apply eyeliner with ease – and achieving a good effect, even with the poorest quality eyeliners, is usually achieveable for me – not in this case. I was very disapointed overall. Shame because generally The Body Shop is always my first port of all when it comes to make up and toiletries!

Do not be afraid to try this one for yourself however – others love it! Maybe its just not for me! Coming soon reviews of the Lily Cole one which I preferred but still suffered from being too damn watery!

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MaxFactor Ageless Elixir Foundation & Serum

The MaxFactor Ageless Elixir Foundation & Serum is a recent discovery for me and was actually a spur of the moment purchase when I was doing a recent online shop at my local supermarket. I was running low on my usual foundation but, finding it out of stock, took an unusual risk and decided to give this a try. We all know this is not recommend as it is always best to match the foundation to your skin tone – but having bought Max Factor foundations for years I pretty much knew their colours. So, being fair but tanned, I opted for SAND60.

First Impressions:

I have combination skin – oily in some places and dry in others. As you can imagine it can be a real problem on occasion finding a foundation which works well in each zone and looks good.  The vast majority of foundations I find too heavy and block my pours, or worse, cake horribly in some zones which leaves me looking tired and older! I absolutely loathe the feeling of powder foundations on my skin – although occasionally like to brush with a light finishing powder in certain areas (a technique my mother calls shading, which helps to enhance your cheekbones by adding highlights/lowlights to the face.) Anyway, I digress.

I liked the container which is simple and a perfect size of carrying around in your handbag. Its a pump action which means it is easy to use and there is no mess!  Tubes and pouring bottles are just too messy for such a person as I!


The first thing you notice about this foundation is its smell – it is, quite literally, divine! I love it – I´ve never had a foundation which smelled good on application and I found my mood lifting as I applied this beautiful light liquid foundation. Now, as a rule, I do not particularly appreciate perfume in my face creams and make up – but this is so delicate and lovely that I really loved applying it.


The mode of application is fairly standard.  The rule of thumb with any foundation of this sort being to apply in light thin layers so as to ensure good coverage.  I know many people who apply foundation with a brush but I prefer to use a make up sponge because I get a better coverage.  Using this method the foundation applied nicely and evenly and provided superb coverage.

The skin under my eyes is thin and, as a rule, its dark. I also have a discreet blemish or two in the freckle department but this evened up my skin tone and gave a nice even finish.


Unlikely some other foundations which feel heavy on my skin MaxFactor Ageless Elixir Foundation & Serum felt light and pleasant. I felt my skin could actually breath which is nice when you are living in a hot climate. I like to dance and I found that, unlike other foundations which surrender and wave the white flag after a couple of hours, this continued to look good all night long.

It has a low SPF 15 protection and, whilst I can appreciate this, I would have preferred had it maybe been a little higher. You could easily combine this with another face cream which comes with a higher SPF.

Recommended to

People look for a light foundation which provides superb coverage with skin care included and a low SPF for sun protection.

Great coverage of Fine lines, wrinkles, minor blemishes, redness and protecting against sun damage.


This is not a sponsored review and represents my opinion of a product purchased.


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