The Wonders of Shapewear

You’d think that shapewear only came about in this day and age where being slim is an obsession, but it’s actually been around since the Ancient Greek times. Back then this type of clothing wasn’t so comfortable, but it most definitely did the trick to slim, tone and contour the body. From leather to heavy canvas and steel, shapewear had a glorious ride with women of all times. Thankfully now, they come in soft and comfortable material that shape, support and flatter body shapes.


Before I even got to know shapewear, I thought that it was simply for the plus size women. After all, people think that being thin is all that but there’s not really much curves to show off if you’re stick thin. Now a fan of it, I think it’s wonderful how there are so many different kinds of it for every kind of body shape. Shapewear actually comes as push up bras to camisoles to bodysuits. It’s amazing how there are so many options for women to complement what they’ve got.

Although it was invented from fashion trends, some women actually use it to feel more secure. The shapewear industry is growing every year because more and more women are feeling the need for it.

Some of the best brands of include Spanx, Johnny Lewis, Her Room, Hanes and Victoria’s Secret. The different types are bras, corsets, body suits, body briefs, control panty hose, girdles and some others. Shapewear is not limited to just the mid body undergarment. They come in light, medium, firm and extra firm types. Finding the right piece to wear with every clothing is a mission for every woman because we wouldn’t want to be caught dead with unflattering undergarments, do we?

Of all the brands, Spanx seems to be the most popular as it offers a wide range of shapewear that come in different shapes and sizes. Anyone can find something from their range and there are quite a bit of great reviews about the brand. I myself have tried it and it feels exquisitely flattering. Whatever clothing you’re donning, Spanx has the best that’s just right to make you look sexy but not uncomfortable. No wonder it’s known all over the world as well.  They also have a line for men, just in case you’re wondering.

If it’s your first time to try out Spanx Shapwear, you can best try their starter kit that comes with high power, footless and sheer. You might find some other shapewear type and that’s fine too but the starter kit has the basics that are great for a start.

Another great brand for shapewear is Fit Britches which is based in the UK, this relatively new company is receiving rave reviews. They offer everything from skinny shorts and tops, to control leggings that are designed to tone you up.

If you admire celebrities like Adelle for always being fashionable and sexy amidst being on the plus size, you should know that secret lies within their undergarments. Let’s be honest, nobody is perfectly shaped no matter how rich and popular you are. It’s actually the shapewear that does the trick. You can wear it with evening gowns for special occasions but they are also great for everyday wear with jeans and t-shirt, casual dresses, business suits or skirts.

Optical Illusion Dresses

Optical Illusion Dresses are currently being sported by all those who consider themselves to be fabulous (ie the celeb set) in pursuit of curves which, incidentally, are now back in. Thats right ladies finally, after years of yoyo dieting, we can now celebrate our natural assets once more. Or not. Everyone from Kate Winslet to Liv Tyler are sporting these dresses in order to enhance their curves. So, honestly, what is all the fuss about?

These statement optical illusion dresses are simply fabulous at enhancing or creating curves. The body con fit with cunning side panels take “optical” inches off your waist and add them to your bust. If you want an hour glass figure then you need an optical illusion dress! But what are the options for those of us without the celebrity purses?

Optical Illusion Dress £58.00 Sizes 12 to 32

Simply Be have this fabulous Optical Illusion Dress for just £58.00. The black panels that run down the side of this red hot dress create the illusion of a smaller waist. The overall shape is a classic shift dress in Ponte Roma fabric, which ensures comfort without compromising on style. The knee-length and V-neck work well on any shape and the exposed zip detail at the back is a contemporary addition. A great piece to take you from the office to a night out, just add a pair of killer heels!

Bespoke Monochrome Silhouette Dress £60.00 Size to 32

Also check out this Bespoke Monochrome Silhouette Dress £60.00 because, f you’re looking for an hourglass fit with true Jessica Rabbit sex appeal, then the Bespoke ‘Monochrome’ dress is just the thing you need! Finished in a heavy jersey fabric, the ivory-on-black panelling contours the body in all the right places to create a sexy waist-shaping silhouette. Slip into the dress via the back zip, and vamp it all up with some pin-flattering skyscraper heels!

Anna Scholz Retro Colour Block Dress £50.00 Sizes 14 to 32

If you are worried that the above dresses are a little too clingy for your tastes then check out the Anna Scholz Retro Colour Block Dress for just £50.00. Retro styling at its best!

Rocking Candy Colours Plus Size

We covered candy colours earlier today but, just as I was heading off to bed, I realised I have not highlighted some of the fabulous clothing sporting candy colours in plus sizes. Here are some of my personal favourites from the leading online stores in the UK.

Want more?

If you love the candy colour trend as much as we do and are based in the Uk check out Curvissa for a wide selection of stunning candies for plus sizes – after all, we´re beautiful and sweet, just like candy :)

Candy Colours from Yours Clothing

Yours Clothing was a little disapointing but there were a few items which caught my eye.

Coral Lacy Knitted shrug with scalloped edging, sits above the hip 19.50€

Bow detail tunic with ruffle collar and hem 42.00€

Empire line tunic with ruched detailing around neckline 21.50€

Candy Colours from Isme

Love Label Pleated Dress £35.00 - Up to Size 20

SouthKeyhole Neck Dress Price £35.00 Up to size 24

Fearne CottonChiffon Skirt Dress Price Was £49.00 Now £40.00 Up to size 20

Loving the Joe Brown Collection from Simply Be!

The Joe Brown Collection on Simply Be is one of the most exciting things to hit my screen this year.

Truly if you enjoy clothes which make you stand out from the crowd then the Joe Brown Collection is for you. The range is one of the widest ranges of funky clothes I have seen hit the stores – available in sizes 14 to 32, with sizes 20 to 32 being exclusive to Simply Be!

From gorgeous skirts and dresses plus quirky, colourful tops in unique prints to laid back hardwearing jeans, the fit, the feel of Joe Browns plus size clothing is made to make you feel good. Express your individuality and indulge yourself this holiday season in this awesome collection. Here are three of my absolute favourites – recently added to my wardrobe I might add!

Joe Brown Tops

Joe Browns Blues Blouse £48.00

Joe Browns Summer Nights Top £38.00

Joe Browns Sexy Sassy Top £40.00

Check out the full range of plus size joe brown tops here.

Joe Brown Dresses

If you love the unique style of the tops then you will simply adore the range of Joe Brown dresses. Here are just some of my personal favourites.

Joe Browns Maxi Dress of the Season £55.00

Joe Browns Summer Loving Dress £45.00

Joe Browns Pretty Layer Bodice Dress £55.00

Check out the full range of plus size Joe Brown Dresses here.

Joe Brown Skirts & Trousers

Joe Browns Turn Up Shorts £42.00

Joe Browns Denim Skirt £55.00

Joe Browns Tye Dye Skirt £50.00

Check out the full range of plus size Joe Brown Clothing of jeans, shorts, trousers, cardies and much more here. They also have a wonderful range of pretty wide fitting footwear and plus size beachwear. Dare to be different this summer with Joe Brown. Enjoy!