Summer made fabulous with Designers at Debenhams

This time of year is the most exciting for me. I adore summer as I love summer sports – swimming in the ocean, summer garden parties and picnics. So, naturally, I love this time of year because all the Spring/Summer fashions are hitting the shops – and this year they are particularly fabulous. Lots of vibrant and fresh colours just perfect for pulling you out of any low winter moods. Debenhams range this year is particularly inspiring – check out the video below!

Beautiful and vibrantly coloured beachwear, gorgeous hats and dresses (perfect for those summer weddings or garden parties), and some gorgeous key pieces just perfect for your summer holidays. If you are looking for your summer clothes at the moment then do check out Debenhams range – I know I have purchased two pieces already for my summer vacation!

Here are my personal favourties

Lingerie Buying Guide for Men

Every Christmas, without fail, you will find most men resort to buying lingerie for their partners. The vast majority of which will be returned if the recipient can just get her hands on the receipt. Its a given fact that the vast majority of men do not have a clue about buying lingerie and, speaking honestly, I would advise most of them to use their imaginations a little more, practice some common sense, and resort to an alternative gift. But, if you do insist on buying lingerie for your loved ones this year, then Marks and Spencers have put together a lingerie buying guide for men! See below.

Key Tips to Remember…

lingerie buying guide for menLingerie is a very personal gift so try to chose pieces which reflect your partners style rather than your personal tastes. It may help to take a look at her favourite pieces she owns already for example.

For example, if she is a fashionista and you know she likes to be bang on trend, then take a look at the current seasons fashions – this year bold colours, black and leopard prints are in – so if you chose signature pieces of lingerie from this range you cant go far wrong.

If she is elegant and likes beautiful classics with embellishments then do check out the Per Una range which is a beautiful collection of stylish and classic lingerie designed for her in mind. Gorgeous glamorous pieces intended to fit a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Other things to bare in mind…

Try to find out her size, for certain, rather than just guess. If you can, take a look at the label in her existing pieces, rather than just leave it to chance.

Follow these simple rules and you will stand a better chance of giving her a gift of lingerie she will treasure rather than wish to return it to the store!

Day to Evening Wear from Marks & Spencers

In the present financial climate many of the clothes we buy need to be versatile which is why this years range of Day to Evening Wear is particularly good. Marks and Spencers have a great collection of key pieces which are incredible versatile and, with the right choice of accessories, can be used for casually during the day or dressed up at night. Take a look at the video below for some great advice on choosing the perfect day to evening wear outfit with some useful tips on how to dress up and dress down those key pieces.

Per Una Speziale Cap Sleeve Textured Dress I´ve had a look through the current range and there are a great selection of pieces which, when following the great tips in the video above, can be used for day to evening wear. Many of the outfits in Twiggy´s Winter Collection for example would be superb for this – since they are designed to be mix and match. The key point to remember is you are looking for outfit versatility so look for key pieces which have classic chic but can appear totally different when combined with the right accessories – signature jewellery, a pair of heals, or a cool bikers jacket.

Striking Abstract Day to evening wear need not be dull – it can be as striking as you want it to be with just a little imagination. Follow the above tips from Marks and Spencers and really step out in style this winter with great and versatile signature pieces.

Twiggy Collection: 2012 Winter Warmers

Marks and Spencers has released its 2012 Winter Twiggy Collection. Twiggy has always have a personal sense of style which I admired so I was delighted to discover she has released yet another range for Marks and Spencers. The new range is all about flattering fashion and attention to detail – with a wide range of clothing which can be easily mixed and matched at will.

Twiggy CollectionI took a look at her latest winter range of clothing today and was especially impressed at her awareness for designing, not only for the slim and waif-like like herself, but for the more curvy plus sized ladies. Her designs are accessible by most – with, of course, a particular emphasis on styles for the more mature lady. This is not to say that the younger generation would not find something in her collection either however! Tailored classics, warm coats and cardies, to party wear and dresses – the collection is one of the most well thought out ones I have seen from Marks and Spencer’s in sometime.

Twiggy CollectionThe great bonus for this years winter collection from Twiggy is, regardless of the occasion, there is something which would suit – warm but glamorous outfits for those outdoor events, sparkly outfits for those holiday parties, and pure chic for those special days out – whether hitting the town for those last minute gifts or that special date… You can guarantee there will be something in this range which will suit.

Twiggy Collection: Office to PartyIf you are looking to truly dazzle this winter then please do check out the Twiggy Collection from Marks and Spencers. Great range of versatile and glamorous outfits for every occasion.

Its Party Season : Our Guide to Party Dresses & Outfits

The 2012 party season is your time to be seen. Its time to shimmer and shine, glitter and glow in this season’s hottest holiday looks.

Eileen Shanon, buyer and stylist for Unpredictable, says “Dresses are really in,” not only are holiday dresses to be worn short and sexy, but you can also dazzle with classy and sassy knee-length styles, adds Laurie Johnson, owner of Unpredictable.

Go Glamorous – For those chic black-tie events, think old fashioned glamour, such as evening gowns with an old Hollywood look, and classic silhouettes accented with timeless jewelry pieces such as pearls and diamonds. Top this off with a faux fur jacket or wrap, a look conveys sophistication and elegance.

Embellish with sequins, studs, glitter and a little metallic…Accentuate a simple outfit with carefully chosen pieces of jewellery.

So, with these in mind, here is a review of what our favourite online stores have to offer this season.

t_5051839113091Apricot Online: If you are wanting a short and sassy party dress for the party season make sure you check out the range at Apricot Online. Gothic laces, elegant peplums and essential little black dresses a plenty to be found at this store – with something to suit all you beautiful petites. Achievable prices – just around £30 for a nice dress on average.

daisystreetclothes_aw_model_10th_augustpt3_10_of_57_Daisy Street – Again, if looking for that perfect short and sassy dress at reasonable prices you can do no better than check out Daisy Street (a relatively new discovery for us). Definitely for the petite and young, or at least, very young at heart!. Good range of value items – around £24.99 for a cute party dress. Dress sizes tend to be 8-12, with a few in a size 14.

Kardashian Kollection Shimmer Dress

Kardashian Kollection Shimmer Dress

Dorothy Perkins – If you are a fan of the Kardashians sense of style then perhaps you should head over to Dorothy Perkins who are currently selling a range of clothes designed by them – and clearly demonstrating their sense of style. Great if you have a good figure – not so great if you are carrying more than a few extra pounds. Most items available in sizes 8 to 16. Some items now on sale.

sequindress_lLove Clothing is a relatively newcomer on my scene and I have not had any experience of dealing with them as yet. I can say with some degree of certainty they do have a relatively nice range of clothing on their site – and it certainly looks promising for the future. Cute range of dresses, available at reasonable cost, in sizes 10 to 14.

18E02LNDE_largeMiss Selfridge – Once again a great range of affordable and fashionable outfits are available for the 2012 party season. Good range of dresses in a wide range of styles available in sizes 8 to 16.

untitled-1560_5missguided – Budget clothing Fashionistas would indeed be misguided if they chose to overlook this store. They have a cute range of party dresses available for the young in sizes 8 to 14.

If you are looking for some great plus size party dresses be sure to visit our friends site

So, thats a wrap, for our low down on all the major players. Its worth trawling the web for some last minute bargains for your party season wardrobe and, of course, stay tuned on our site for the best of the january sales!

Getting ahead of the game for Bikinis 2013

bikinis 2013One of the great advantages about having a second home in a warmer country is the fact that you can escape the dull winter weather and venture somewhere you can still wear a bikini. I have only just managed to get my body back in bikini wearing condition so I was exceptionally excited to find a store where there is a wide and varied range at good prices.

bikinis 2013I found a lovely collection of bikinis 2013 online – they have a truly remarkable range of halter bikinis which I love the most of all – but also a fine selection of triangle bikinis, fringe bikinis and bandeau tops in different colors and sizes. Anyone looking for a designer bikini is sure to find exactly what they are looking for in this collection with prices ranging from $75 to $150. I have displayed some of my personal favourites within this article.

bikinis 2013The great thing about this company is their flexibility – with customers being able choose separate sizes for top and bottom despite the fact that manufacturers generally only sell bikinis in sets. This is great for many who, like myself, often require a different size top to bottom!

Their shipping costs are fairly reasonable – with free shipping in the USA on all orders over $100 and priority and express shipping available if you need your bikini quickly! The company also ships to Canada and select international countries. They have a strong return policy with 15 days (from shipment date) to return an item for a refund, and 30 days (from shipment date) to return the item for an exchange.

Debenhams Christmas Made Fabulous : The Red Coat

The Must Have Red Coat for the Christmas Season


Jonathan Saunders/EDITION Red belted fit and flare coat

Jonathan Saunders/EDITION Red belted fit and flare coat

The recently launched Debenhams Christmas advertisement is really catching the attention of ladies since its release a couple of days ago – and not just because of its multi-million pound setting. The ad tars its Designers at Debenhams, including new addition Jenny Packham. The real star of the advertisement however is this glorious red coat which has just become my most desired item of clothing for the coming season!

This stylish red coat is from their exclusive designer Jonathan Saunders range for Edition – it comes in a flared fit with black double breasted button fastenings, black grosgrain trim and a belted waist – and costs £120. This may seem a hefty sum in the currant climate but with its stylish and classical design this is a coat which is never likely to go out of fashion.

The rest of the Debenhams Christmas range is equally fabulous but, lets be truthful here – this glorious red coat is the star, and I hope Debenhams have plenty in stock! Available in sizes 8 to 18. Available from Debenhams for £120.00


PLEASE NOTE: THE DEBENHAMS FIT AND FLARE COAT FEATURED IN THEIR AD IS NOW SOLD OUT. I have spoken to Debenhams and a representative has informed me it will NOT be back in stock and is now unavailable. If you wish to take a look at other red coats online then please check out are most recent article on alternative red coats.

7 Winter Fashion Tips Every Woman Should Remember

License: Creative Commons Gar Knight

The winter season is quickly approaching, and that means it’s time to pull out your sweater boxes, dust off your boots, and take inventory of your outerwear. Trends come and go, but style is timeless. Therefore, no matter what your personal fashion philosophy, there are some basic laws of winter dressing that you should adhere to if you care to stay on the right side of women’s fashion. Here are seven winter fashion tips every woman should remember:

Work that Scarf

Not only are scarves a practical way to add layers to your winter wardrobe and keep the cold out, but they are also very fashionable. Search the web for creative ways you can drape your scarf to find looks that are well suited to your personal style.

You Need Safe Shoes

Whether you like it or not, the winter weather can usher in some downright dangerous environmental conditions, especially for those who choose to brave the outdoors in heels. Do yourself a big favor and purchase some winter shoes with no heels – boots and booties are a great option, but even wedges are safer than standard stilettos. You don’t have to forsake fashion for the weather, but you can find fashionable choices that are also practical.

Your Coat Counts

Many women make the mistake of thinking that a coat is merely a shield to protect their fashionable garments in less than ideal weather. However, your coat makes a statement, and that statement should be complimentary to your wardrobe – not work against it.

Black Slacks Go With Anything

Not to mention, they look ultra sophisticated when paired with winter white. Whether you are spending the day in the office or taking the kids to see a movie, a simple pair of black slacks can give you a pulled together winter look without a lot of effort on your part.

Dress in Layers

Chances are, you will spend parts of your day indoors and parts outdoors. Unless you are a big fan of either goose bumps or sweat stains, you should dress in layers so that you never find yourself dressed inappropriately for the temperature environment you are in.

Less is More

Just because you must dress in layers for the winter, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be conscious of how those layers work together. Be sure to stay within the same color family and to avoid clashing patterns when you mix layers, and when it doubt, remove one piece.

You Can Wear Dresses

The fact that it’s cold outside shouldn’t keep you away from your favorite frocks. The secret is to winterize the look (and feel) with leggings, stocking, or tights and a pair of fashionable close-toed shoes (booties are a great option).

Dressing for winter does not have to be a mystery, and you don’t have to put fashion on the back burner just to stay warm. Follow these fundamental fashion tips to keep your style in step during the winter months.

Attached Images:
  • About the Author: Ruthanne Matalka loves studying fashion and hates seeing women give up wedge boots and other chic items because they don’t think they “fit” a winter wardrobe. As long as you’re warm and comfortable, anything goes!

How to accessorise your swimwear

Tips and ideas for covering up at the beach in 2012

Whether you want to go for a selection of playful tankinis from Next, a fairly made ethical bikini from Kenya, or a daring cut-away neon yellow number for the ultra-daring ultra-sporty look, having the right cover-ups for the beach is essential.

The power of the beach cover-up is two-fold: one, it’s great for preventing you from burning to a crisp if it’s very hot but you want to soak up the sun; and two, if it’s a little colder than expected (oh hi there, ‘British summer’), you can keep the goosebumps at bay.

Kaftans, sarongs and maxi dresses

A pretty, floaty, all-in-one cover up is an excellent option for a reliable, pretty cover up that can also be worn for meals and out and about. This is great if you’re not the rough and tumble type; the delicate fabrics and long skirt lengths make it great for a lazy holiday by the pool, or lounging around looking good. Not so good if you’re planning on playing volleyball or beach football.

Next’s Swimwear Collection have got some absolutely wonderful options in this respect. The sheer black kaftan is a good option for a quick cover-up if you need to dash away from the pool or quickly pop in somewhere where a bikini would be indecent (!).

For evenings and relaxed days on the beach, the gorgeous, body-enhancing maxi dress with side ruffle is wonderful. We actually think it works better as a dress for the nights than a throw-on maxi; but you can use it as you please.

Hats, scarves and playsuits

An alternative to a dress or sarong is the playsuit (pictured) – a really fun option for the beach, and much more suited to active types who’ll be getting active, or dealing with the kids and need to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. This red number with shoulder detailing is gorgeous, and a really good shade for both pale and dark skins, as the depth of colour shows them off.

Another cover-up essential is a hat – often the only thing separating you and a nasty encounter with burnt shoulders or neck. Big and floppy is the order of the day – avoid trilbies, as they look out of place on the beach.

Celebrate the Diamond Jubilee in Style

If you are looking for Diamond Jubilee TShirts, Sweaters, Hoodies, bags or glasses then check out Made by Eliza on cafepress.

This year is a big one for celebrating being British – not only are we the host nation for the Olympics but its also the Diamond Jubilee. Royalist or not there is occasion for celebrating the British nation and so we have turned our attention to all the stores in search of the trendiest clothes to deck ourselves out in for both the Diamond Jubilee and the summer Olympics in London.

Abbey British Denim Hotpants €20.00 Boohoo

We called off first at one of our favourite stores but were a little disapointed to find their range were merely limited to Abbey British Denim Hotpants, and although they are seriously cute its a little limited! I expected more from you – boo to!

We called off next at Dorothy Perkins who had a wide range of clothing in the true Red, White & Blue colour scheme but they lacked a little of the upfront spark we were looking for!


By this point we were starting to feel a little disapointed and began to wonder if would ever find any stand out from the crowd clothing. Our spirits were lifted when we landed on Freemans who have a sensational range of red, white and blue clothing in true British style!! Finally we had something to feature – check out our personal favourites below.

AX Paris Union Jack Print Black Vest £22.00

AX Paris Union Jack White Vest £22.00

Joe Browns Our Favourite Dress of the Season £58.00

Marks and Spencers

We had a feeling we could count on Marks and Spencers would have something in to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee and we were not to be disapointed. Here are our choice pics from a cute range of TShirts and other Diamond Jubilee and Queen inspired clothing…

Pure Cotton Corgi Print T-Shirt £9.50

Limited Collection Bull Dog Print Jersey Vest Top £19.50

Pure Cotton England Collage T-Shirt £9.50


Missguided had a pretty good range of clothing in patriotic colours – red, white and blue. From shoes to shirts they pretty much covered it all. Here are some of our absolute favourites!

Koryna Striped Slingback Platform Shoes Navy £35.99

Union Jack Denim Shorts Light Blue £24.99

Garril Snake Print Skinny Jeans Royal Blue £29.99

Plus Size

Many of the stores featured above do offer plus sizes but do check out Miz Moe who I noticed had recently covered plus size jubilee clothing from the likes of Yours Clothing, Evans and Curvissa. Also stay tuned on Made by Eliza who, I understand, are planning on releasing some new TShirt designs in the next day or so especially for the jubilee