Go Oriental with Rocket Dog this Autumn 2012

I previously revealed my absolutely adoration of a pair of printed boots from another store. Those shoes taught me love at first sight WAS possible. Rocket Dog have now confirmed this by releasing yet more printed shoes. These printed shoes, available in three styles (see below) have now gone straight to the top of my MUST HAVES for the coming season. I mean, come on, if you really like shoes with a touch of difference they should be on yours too! Check them out…

The ‘Satria’ ankle boot would look FABULOUS  with a pair of skinny jean and blazer combo and the platform wedge ‘Liftoff’ epitomises glam attitude and will vamp up any outfit.

The oriental soft floral print with gold accent will never be out of place at any occasion. Different styles make this print perfect for anyone flirting with the oriental trend to the brave early adopters. Reading left to right above – the platform ankle boot ‘Satria’, the platform lace-­‐up wedge ‘Liftoff’ and platform soled court ‘Sweetypie’ styles deliver luxe for this season.

Take a closer look at the fabulous shoes available from Rocket Dog


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Summer Wedges

I explored my love of wedge heeled shoes a couple of months ago in a post entitled “The Wedges“. Since they are such a fantastic and versatile summer must have I have decided to give them a second visit.

With the arrival of summer comes the return of short clothing – and one of the best ways to ensure your legs look their best is to slap on a pair of heels. Personally I dont like tottering about on stilettos, most especially when I am walking from bar to nightclubs on holiday, and I definitely like to not have my stride hindered. There is nothing less attractive than a girl, regardless of her beauty, who when waring five inch stilletos walks like farmer giles in a dress! Come on ladies, if you are going to wear heels, match the heel with the occasion – and learn how to walk in them!! Anyway, I digress, wedge heels are infinitely easier to walk in than a pair of stilettos but they give you the extra length of leg and slimming effect suitable for wearing with this seasons shorts and flesh baring outfits.

Andrea Morelli Wedge Sandals – white

I tend to opt for a heel between 3 and 4 inches, and occasionally venture into just over 4 when I dont have a lot of walking to do. This size heel helps me to lengthen and slim my leg whilst not rendering me a cripple.

Try to buy the best shoe you can afford and check to see if the shoe is well balanced. I generally prefer to buy my shoes in an actual “brick and mortar” store but if you do shop online try to choose those stores who consider returns – just in case the shoe is not suitable and fits badly.

I previously covered my must have wedges shoes for the spring and summer season in my previous post but also be sure to check out Wedge Shoes from StylistPick.

Wedge shoes are versatile, fashionable and suitable for anyone whether you are looking for a nice all round shoe for your holiday, a summer wedding or even some great shoes for summer garden parties



Comfortable Shoes from Schuler

Schuler Shoes has been committed to supporting healthier lives through foot comfort for nearly 120 years and are the oldest family-owned shoe store West of the Mississippi.

The company began in 1889 when Vincent Schuler opened the first store on Washington and Broadway in Minneapolis. Their good range of well designed quality shoes proved popular and, today, the family-owned business, now in its fourth generation, consists of eight Schuler Shoes locations. They have also expanded into an online store at SchulerShoes.com which allows for convenient 24-hour online shopping.

Their main speciality is to provide shoes with are, above all, healthy and comfortable. That is not to say they are not well designed, in fact they have a superb range of womens, mens and kids shoes in a variety of styles – almost certain to have something in to suit all tastes and requirements. Their online store is extensive and they have a good range of articles on of foot care and wearing properly fitted shoes. Let’s face it, in the majority of cases, we all take our feet for granted at some point in our lives. Once we start to feel the pinch, whether from excessive exercise, ill fitting shoes or simply from the daily pressure of our body weight, we should really look to our feet and ensure they are well cared for. It all comes down to supporting a strong foundation from your feet up because, in the end, a healthy life style depends on the state of your feet.

Schuler Shoes is there to help support your quest to staying healthy by ensuring you have access to well fitted and well designed shoes. Their attentive, knowledgeable staff is dedicated to ensuring each person a proper fit – by providing footwear in an extended range of sizes and widths to suit many feet for any activity.

So, if you are looking for good quality shoes, then consider Schuler. Check out their shoes range online today .

Strut your studs!

Missguided is encouraging us ladies to strut our studs this week for Spring / Summer fashions and, I am forced to admit, I am definitely tempted by their range! From super Studded shoes of all types – to denim shorts and studded dresses. All they lack is the studded leather jacket to turn me into a rock chick fashionista!

I do like the current trends and, since I am leaning back into my rock chick phase (carefully tempered with a little bit of lace here and there just to give it my own spin) I do see a pair of studded shoes in my future. Not sure about the shorts though – but I could definitely work a pair of studded jeans. Anyone know any studded jeans stockists??

Jenine Leather Studded Platform Shoe Boots Black £49.99

Cheetah Ponyskin Spiked Ankle Boots Animal £54.99

Jenine Suede Studded Platform Shoe Boots Black £49.99

Studded Denim Shorts £29.99

Sheryn Studded Bodycon Tailored Dress

Chain And Spike Necklace Silver £9.99

The Wedges

I love wedges. Passionately.

The reason being is they are a great summer shoe. They slim down the leg, add a touch of sex appeal and, factor in a slight tan (either natural or from a much healthier bottle) and you can rock practically any of the seasons fashion trends.

Not to mention they are infinitely comfier than your average high heel – and a great deal easier to walk in than any stiletto of the same height.

This year, to go with the colour block and pastel trends, you can get wedges in any number of colours. Outlined below are just a few of my current favourites (if only I had the budget to buy them all!!)

Rhea Coral Suedette Wedges £30.00 from Boohoo.com

Natalya Black Flower Cut Out Wedges £30.00 Boohoo.com

Lois Ikat Print Cork Demi Wedge £20.00 from Boohoo.com

Two-Tone Wedge Heel Sandals £49.00 from Curvissa

Wedge Mule Sandals £35.00 from Curvissa

And Abigail Strappy Wedges E Fit £60.00 Fashion World

Iron Fist Flithy Platform Wedge £80.00 Fashion World

Anna Sui ROCK 'N ROLL Lace Up £90.00 Fashion World

Moda in Pelle Penney Ladies Sandals £59.95 Fashion World

Daniel Beige Amplified Women’s Wedge Trainer £59.99 Daniel Footwear

Daniel Pink Bluestreak Women’s Wedge Sandal £99.99 Daniel Footwear

Rock & Candy Canvas High Wedge Platform Sneaker £65.00 Scorpio

ANALU MAI TAI BLACK £49.99 from Rocket Dog

Rocket Dog Miller Poncho Now £39.95 From Shoetique.co.uk

Rieker Sandal 64782-80 Tiffany White Now £34.95 Rocket Dog

Other Wedge Stockists

Also be sure to check out TopShop, Dorothy Perkins and Clarks who have some truly awesome wedges.

Colour Blocking with Shoes

We´ve covered the current fashion trend of colour blocking before but I know many people wont have the confidence to pull off outfits such as the ones the ladies are sporting. If this is you then perhaps consider adding a spot of colour to your outfits with colour shoes or accessories.

We trawled the shops in search of some perfect colour blocking shoes and accessories and this is what we found. Enjoy! Check out the best we found from Daniel Footwear, Rocket Dog and Boohoo.com. Incidentally if colour block clothing is your passion then you need to check out the range of items available on Boohoo.com – it is simply breathtaking with vibrancy! Expect a review hightlighting some of our choice pics in due course!

Colourful Shoes

Ash HYSTERIA Multi Leather Womens Sandal £155.00 Daniel Footwear

Bronx Multi 83920 Women’s Multi Strap Wedge Sandal £69.99 from Daniel Footwear

Bronx Multi 83857 Women’s Colour Block Wedge Sandal £79.99 from Daniel Footwear

Rocket Dog wedge £47.99

Rockey Dog Dive £21.99

ODELL PARADISE STRIPE RED from Rocket Dog £44.99

Abbie Pink Colour Block Platform Heels £30.00 Boohoo.com

Natalie Coral Colour Contrast Platform Courts £30.00 Boohoo.com

Selina Colour Block Leather Look And Suedette Platform Heels £10.00