Fresh & Minty Plus Size

I recently discovered the latest fashion trend colour to hit the high street – mint! Well, now we are going to covering fresh and minty in plus sizes.

We first called off at Yours Clothing, one of our personal favourites as a general rule, but unfortunately didnt find anything mint which tickled our fancy. Most unusual!

Evans was our next port of call and, rather thankfully, they faired a little better. I am still seeing a sharp differential between the quality of clothes on the “standard shelves” for want of a better term and the plus size ones. Most disapointing. Its time the stores stepped up and realised than average sizes are now around a 16 in some countries. Start catering for them!

Evans Mint Green Straight Leg Jeans £35.00

Green/Putty Jersey Wrap ‘Frida' Dress £70.00

Evans Mint Green Ruffle Top £18.00

Minty Green @ Curvissa (UK Sales only)

Sleeveless V-Neck Top £18.00

KangaROOS Hoody £55.00

Long Sleeve T-Shirt £25.00

Mint Green from around the web

Grazia Dress with Corsage £55.00

Embroidered Placket Blouse £31.50

Arizona Rock ’N’ Roll Straight Leg Jeans £55.00

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