5 Must Have Looks for Winter

As the seasons change, fashion trends follow suit; going from the floral prints and the light colors of spring and summer to the darker tones and warmer attire of the winter months. In some climates such as San Diego, California, women can get away with wearing their summer clothes all year long as it rarely rains or gets much colder than 60 degrees during the day. But in other regions where they actually have seasons, winter calls for some necessary wardrobe purchases. Here are the top 5 must haves for winter:

1.) Winter Coats

No woman, or man for that matter, should go without a few winter coats. Tailored, black blazers that define the shoulders and waist are perfect for the office while the popular “boyfriend” hoodies or cardigans are great for doing errands around town or a casual lunch date with a friend. Faux-fur trim pea coats or simple trench coats are also ideal for a chilly night on the town.

2.) Boots

What sandals are to summer is what boots are to winter. Although UGG boots have been around for quite some time now, they became extremely popular in the early 2000`s and are still favored among many as they are both comfortable and stylish. For the times when UGG boots just aren’t acceptable attire, a pair of ankle boots to go with your favorite pair of jeans or some knee high boots to go with warm leggings are great to have in the closet.

3.) Big Scarves and Hats

Scarves are not only accessories that can change the look of any outfit but can be life savers in cold weather. Hats, while many women prefer not to mess up their up-dos, are also extremely handy to have around on a cold day. Brimmed hats and cute beanie’s can spice up any outfit and keep your head and ears warmed up while the temperature drops!

4.) Warm Workout Attire

In the Winter months, people tend to pack on the pounds due to Holiday eating and the weather can make one sluggish, causing them to get lazy about working out. Who wants to go for a run in the cold when sitting inside by the fire drinking hot cocoa sounds so much more appealing? Investing in some warm sweatshirts and workout pants might just make going to the gym or taking the dog on a brisk walk that much less of a chore. And as a reward for getting out there and working up a sweat, get a nice bag to hold all of the new gym clothes and accessories. Brands such as Jet tennis bags are offered in fashionable winter colors and are perfect for the court or just about anywhere. Walk into the locker room with style!

5.) Winter Dresses

Many can`t get enough of the strappy mini dresses but for winter that type of clothing, or lack thereof, just won`t do! There are tons of winter dresses out there designed with long sleeves and warm material; great for Holiday parties or nights out on the town! If you still can’t part with the beloved mini, pair the dress with a pair of black leggings, some boots and a warm jacket.  Lace and polka dots are in high demand for Winter 2012-13, so make sure to stock up—you can never have enough dresses!

Winter doesn`t have to mean baggy jackets and sweats. Of course the sunshine is missed but the chilly days and cold nights of winter remind everyone that the Holidays are in sight!  

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Courtney Sloan is a college student majoring in Mass Media interested in fashion, health and tennis.

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