Angela Scanlon’s confashion | MyDaily Fashion Priest

Dublin based style icon Angela Scanlon steps into Fashion Priest’s confashion box to tell him what she really thinks about who’s on trend and who’s definitely not.

lady-gaga-meat-dress1I definitely agree with her statement on Lady Gaga being the ultimate fashion sinner. As a general rule this ladies sense of fashion, and I lose the term loosely here, really does not work for me either. That said Angela later recommends bravery in her fashion and surely if anyone is brave in her fashion choices its Lady Gaga! Lets face it, you´d have to be brave to even consider stepping out in public in some of her choices!

imelda-mayImelda May also has real fashion sense. The girl knows how to dress her figure.

Perhaps Lady Gaga could visit her for a few fashion tips?

I dispute her last claim however. Picking the right set of shoes for some ladies is a life or death situation :p Trust me!

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