Beautiful Maxi Dresses from Apricot

We have written several posts highlighting the beautiful and highly flexible maxi dresses available across the web. Today we thought we would feature some of the beautiful maxi dresses available from a recent find for us, Apricot. If maxi dresses are not your fancy they are sure to have something to suit you – from pleated dresses & bandeau dresses to on trend poplin dresses & the must have bodycon dress – they are sure to have a dress to suit every occasion!

One of the main reasons I love Apricot so much is there ability to keep current with hot new trends at affordable prices. All their pieces are lovingly made with unique designs and fabrics, with the aim to use as many natural fabrics as possible, guaranteeing comfort and quality. Their inspirations come from all over the world and, you can guarantee, each season they aim to satisfy their customers by offering new and exciting garments.

Here are a few of my choice pics from their Maxi Dress range.

Big Yellow Asters Maxi £29.00

Red Floral Strappy Hanky Maxi Dress £29.00

Purple Paisley Strappy Hanky Maxi Dress £29.00

Aqua Floral Strappy Hanky Maxi Dress £29.00

Floral Strapless Ruched Maxi £29.00

Elegant Crochet Back Maxi £29.00

Coral Half Bodice Dip Hem Maxi Dress £39.00

Watercolour Flowers Chiffon Maxi £35.00

Aqua Paisley Strappy Hanky Maxi Dress £29.00

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