Day to Evening Wear from Marks & Spencers

In the present financial climate many of the clothes we buy need to be versatile which is why this years range of Day to Evening Wear is particularly good. Marks and Spencers have a great collection of key pieces which are incredible versatile and, with the right choice of accessories, can be used for casually during the day or dressed up at night. Take a look at the video below for some great advice on choosing the perfect day to evening wear outfit with some useful tips on how to dress up and dress down those key pieces.

Per Una Speziale Cap Sleeve Textured Dress I´ve had a look through the current range and there are a great selection of pieces which, when following the great tips in the video above, can be used for day to evening wear. Many of the outfits in Twiggy´s Winter Collection for example would be superb for this – since they are designed to be mix and match. The key point to remember is you are looking for outfit versatility so look for key pieces which have classic chic but can appear totally different when combined with the right accessories – signature jewellery, a pair of heals, or a cool bikers jacket.

Striking Abstract Day to evening wear need not be dull – it can be as striking as you want it to be with just a little imagination. Follow the above tips from Marks and Spencers and really step out in style this winter with great and versatile signature pieces.

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