Fashion Trends for Winter 2012

Every season of every year, fashion changes. And when it comes to winter 2012, there are certain fashions and styles that will be considered trending. If you like to stay current with the latest fashion trends, and if you want to look your best in winter 2012, then you need to make sure that your wardrobe contains the following fashions.



Whether you’re wearing a sweater, pants, skirt or even a scarf, if it has a pattern, it’s in style. The biggest must-have patterns are geometric shapes, such as squares, stripes or rectangles. And the darker the colors, the more fashionable they are for winter. (PS. Patterned pant/skirt suits are also in this winter, so if you’re a businesswoman, you may want to stock up.)


Baggy Leather

Leather is in this winter, but not the skin tight leather that we saw years ago. Instead, winter 2012 is all about baggy leather pants or oversized shirts or jackets. Not only does this look fashionable when paired with a softer material, but since the items are not skin tight, you don’t have to worry about how you will get in or out of your clothes.


Country Chic

Midwestern country chic looks are very in this winter. Western looking shirts, especially those that are lightweight and embroidered, are very trendy, especially when paired with a tighter skirt or pants. Note that country chic is different than flannels. While you may be able to find a country chic flannel shirt, it’s really only in style if it also contains some embroidery.


Oversized Coats

If your winters are spent in a cold part of the world, you’ll need a coat to keep you warm. This winter’s fashionable coats are oversized. Think double-breasted coats with shoulder pads, and if it can be floor-length, it’s even better.



Every season has their fashion accessory, and this winter, the accessory is belts…but not the type that you loop through your jeans. Trendy belts this winter are those big and clunky belts that you will strap together above your clothes, typically around your waist. The bigger, bolder colors are in.



Velvet has made its way back in style. It was popular for fall 2012 and is carrying over into winter 2012 too. You can either opt to wear a velvet top or velvet bottoms with a different material, or you can even wear velvet from head to toe. You can also opt for a thick velvet, or even wear something a bit more subtle.



While patterns are in this winter, so are plaids. Plaid pants, plaid skirts, plaid sweaters, plaid shirts—the more plaid, the better the style. Plus, you can even opt to go for a head-to-toe plaid style, which can work well for both work and play.


Fashion styles change with the seasons, and if you’re a fashion trendsetter, you’ll want to be sure that your closet is full of these fashionable items to get yourself ready to look trendy in winter 2012.

Jessica Brown is a self-proclaimed fashion guru.  She loves writing about anything from the trending fashions to makeup tips and hairstyle ideas.  Jessica recently wrote about her favorite eye makeup brushes.

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