Glam Grunge: Smells Like High Fashion


Many people consider grunge to be a low point in fashion history, as the 90s rocker style went against the grain of conventionally beautiful aesthetics and in extreme measures, disregarded concern for appearance completely. However, at the time grunge had much going for it; youthful energy, rebellion, the shock factor and effortlessness, making the grunge comeback inevitable. Fast forward two decades and grunge has taken on a new form that has been adopted by some of tinsel town’s most high profile celebrities. ‘Glam grunge’ is grunge’s pretty younger sister; she’s influenced by her predecessor but has also learnt from her mistakes, and has emerged as something unique and spectacular….let’s take a closer look.

What is Glam Grunge?

As the name suggests, glam grunge is the marriage of the 90s rock aesthetic with more visually appealing elements, with the intention to be bold and unique (like grunge) but also beautiful. We are already familiar with some grunge elements as they have featured in millennium fashion, such as ripped and faded jeans, smoky eyes and printed tees, however this season sees the resurgence of the entire style (appropriated of course), and not just a few disparate essentials. Today’s glam grunge makes use of under biker jackets, plaid shirts either loose or tied at the waste, and flat ankle boots with bold buckles, zippers and laces.

Glam Grunge Style Tips from the Catwalk

The trick to glam grunge, as we have seen on the spring/ summer catwalks, is effortless layering. However, be sure to stick to lose yet styled items and not sloppy jerseys; you want to fuse edginess with carefree elegance and not look like you just rolled out of bed. Another glam grunge tip is to choose dark shades of colour that complement grays and blacks, and for a splash of white go for a white printed tee or a fur lined biker jacket. Dries Van Noten wowed onlookers with his interpretation of glam grunge: a gray oversized sweater effortlessly pulled over a deep purple print chiffon dress. Hair was tussled and lips were painted with a cherry tone, making for a bold and ‘unkept beauty’ look. For a tougher adaptation, opt for a leather jacket with plaid pants. Accessorise with scarves and belts, but be sure to maintain that nonchalant look.

Who’s Rocking Glam Grunge in Hollywood?

Judging from recent snaps, glam grunge has taking Hollywood by storm. Some of its proponents include Gwen Stefani (who has always been a pro at combining punk rock and tailored chic), the beautiful Jessica Alba, Ashley Olsen, Nicole Richie and Kate Bosworth. So does glam grunge still smell like teen spirit? No, more like high fashion!

Penny Munroe is an avid writer in fashion related news and tips, and enjoys educating her audience on the season’s hottest womens tops to everyday styling tips.

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