M&S Twiggy’s Top Fashion Tips 2013

Twiggy shares her tips on how to be a style icon during 2013. Her new collection for M&S is all about flattering fashion and attention to detail – plus its all mix and match! Check out her 2013 fashion tips in the video below.

Here is a brief summary of what she recommends but remember to watch the above video for some great additional tips and information.

layeringLayering: Layering is a great to do and is bang on trend this season once more. Its so easy to do and looks fabulous regardless of your shape – unlike Twiggy some of us ladies have little failings we like to do – and layering works wonders for this! So don’t worry if you shirt hangs below your jacket – that is a great look for this season.

Twiggy for M&S Woman Tweed Pencil Skirt £35.00

Twiggy for M&S Woman Tweed Pencil Skirt £35.00

Experiment with Fitted skirts: Never one for mini skirts, or even skirts in general really, but the new fitted skirts in the flattering length are fabulous this season. Great for those of us who look good in a tight tailored skirt but dont have the legs for a mini!

 Angel Cotton Rich Skinny Fit Washed Denim Jeans £22.00

Angel Cotton Rich Skinny Fit Washed Denim Jeans £22.00

Skinny Jeans: Personally I hate them but if you are slender like Twiggy then skinny jeans are a fabulous look for you this season, in fact they have been bang on season for sometime now as they are a great piece of clothing to mix with current fashions year after year!

Go Belted: Great for us girls with a waistline this one! Good look for this season! There are some fabulous styles in the stores – have lots in different styles. Enhance your waistline ladies!

Most of all BE BRAVE. Great advice from Twiggy in the above video. We love her here at The Style Dragon!

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