Olivia Rubin new collection for Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins are introducing “Postcards From”, a new collection from London designer Olivia Rubin created exclusively for Dorothy Perkins. Olivia Rubin is famed for her graphic prints, so you will be sure to fall hook, line and sinker for her holiday themed shell and tropical bird motifs in soft neutral shades with punchy highlights of her signature favourite – shocking pink!


Learn more about the collection on the Dorothy Perkins website – and stay tuned for your future reviews because early glimpses of the collection means there will definitely be a few items appearing in my wardrobe for the coming summer season. Sign up to be the first to receive a secret link to shop on official launch day here

They do promise to be wonderful feminine and unique but not sure what the size range will be – no official announcement on that as far as I am aware. If you are wanting some key items for your wardrobe this summer then stay tuned to the Dorothy Perkins website!

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