Spring 2012: High Street Colour Blocking

The current colour blocking trend is one of our favourites of the current season and we´re going to cover some of the best outfits available online from your leading high street chains. Check them out!

Colour Blocking with Dorothy Perkins

I´ll be the first to admit I was rather disapointed with the range of clothes marked as “Colour Block” from Dorothy Perkins this season but did fall madly in love with this gorgeous sateen dress– which retailed at  £45.00 but now can be yours at just £30.00. Its on the subtle side so great for those of you who want to be subtle and not to OTP with the colour!

Colour block sateen dress Was £45.00 Now £30.00

Colour block pleated skirt

They also have the cutest little “Colour block pleated skirt” which is too adorable for words (was £30.00 -now £20.00!)

Check out their entire colour block range or, if you are feeling particularly creative, throw together your own colour block outfits with some really cool and bright seperates.

Do try and remember the golden rule of colour blocking – no more than 3 colours in one outfit or be prepared to resemble a less than attractive rainbow!

Colour Blocking with Top Shop

Colour Block Dress by Rare** £42.00

Colour Block Dress by Rare** £42.00

Top Shop has some lovely little dresses (available in black/pink and black/cream) which fit neatly into the colour block trend – team these lovely items off with a third colour and you have your perfect emsemble. I would personally opt for the black and cream dress for its simplicity and then team it up with a truly colourful pair of heels! Check the current wedges out on this page for some truly awesome options.

Block Colour Dress by Wal G - £25.00

If you like stripes then check out these two gorgeous dresses in Blue/Black and Cream/Black – both just £25.00

Finally, just to round off this article, here is my most favourite pair of colour block shoes EVER! Available from Top Shop for just £65.00 – LOVE Colour Block Suede Sandal

LOVE Colour Block Suede Sandal Price: £65.00

Block Colour Dress by Wal G £25.00


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