The Fashion Must Haves for Spring / Summer 2012

Winter is finally behind us for another year and so we can say goodbye to those thick chunky sweaters and snow boots. After months of being hidden under layers of bulking clothing its no wonder so many of us are left feeling frumpy and somewhat drab. I find it exciting therefore that the trends for this Spring / Summer are so bright and colourful – it will definitely help to lift my spirits and jumpstart the summer. I´m looking forward to receiving my latest additions so I no longer hit the “I´ve nothing to wear” issue whenever I open my wardrobe!

If you have been following our last few blogs you will know that this Spring / Summer is all about bold colours, neon, prints, pastels and lace. Those we have not as yet covered we will be doing in the next few days – so, please, stay tuned for that. We like to search the web for all the latest trends for our wardrobe and, as I know I am not alone in my clothing consumerism, I like to share my finds with you.

One of the most interesting trends I have only really just encountered is Soft Mint Green – which I absolutely adore. Its a beautiful cool colour which compliments every skin tone and is tremendously flattering. ” In addition to this lovely cool mint, other pastels such as lavender, pink, guava, and beautiful buttercup yellow are overflowing the virtual racks this season. It seems like pastels are definitely rising to the top of the trends this season – and its not surprising given the fact that, unlike some of the other trends, they are very versatile. You can wear pastels for work or a night out on the town – nothing more versatile than a pastel-colored pencil skirt paired with another current trend, a lace or crochet top. Add in skinny belt and nude heels to create a chic, polished silhouette.

Neon is also in but its not a trend I think I will be partaking in this season – although it might make it into my accessories. Vibrant greens, pinks, blues, and yellows can be found in anything ranging from jeans and tops to jewellery and handbags.

Prints in general are big the season too. In fact we´ve already covered the explosion of ethnic prints. Prints, as with our previously disclosed Neon, need to be kept simple. Personally I would pair one key printed or neon item and work it in with plain jeans, just for an example, rather than try going with an entire wardrobe of clashing printed fabrics.

I do intend having a few items of Lace which, for me, is an absolute delight. I love the femininity of lace. But, as with so many of our other trends, less is more – especially when using coloured lace in your wardrobe!

Whatever you chose, enjoy the explosion of colour this Spring, and may it brighten your day!

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