The Mixi & Dipped Hem Trends for Dresses & Skirts

We are seriously loving the dress styles of the 2012 fashion season – the return of the stunning, versatile and figure friendly Maxi Dress is always welcome, but I also adore the mixi dresses frequenting most of the stores this season. The Mixi Dress is neither a maxi nor a mini but a combination of the two – its short in the front and longer in the back. I love the asymmetric design and, like the maxi dress, is very versatile. Its design long and delicate at the back and short in the front means it is superb for evening wear but it can be easily dressed down for day wear – especially whilst on holiday!

I have seen this style worn successfully with leggings at universities and festivals, and it looked absolutely awesome. The key is to not be afraid to experiment – be daring! have a really inspiring range of dresses in this lovely style and in a wide variety of colours and patterns. The materials chosen, as one expects from the mixi style, are soft and feminine – which results in a dress which moves beautifully in the breeze and when walking at the back! Very eye catching and superb if you have fantastic legs! Here are some of our favourites but check out their full range here.

Frankie Printed Mixi Dress £20.00

Clarissa Mixi Hem Keyhole Back Dress £20.00

Stephanie Strappy Overlay Mixi Dress £25.00

Moving on…

Light Green Drop Back Skirt £35.00

Miss Selfridge, a store I have only recently returned to, also had a nice collection of items labelled “Dipped Hem” which for me amounts to the same thing. I positively adore the Light Green Drop Back Skirt pictured on your right – its soft and feminine and a positively delightful shade of pale green. There were a few little numbers in their store similar to this that I would heartily recommend taking a peek at!

Isme didnt really have any Mixi Dresses but did have this delightful Love Label Printed mixi skirt with a beautiful tropical print for just £29.00. By this point one of the most frustrating parts of my search seemed to be that this popular trend has seemingly gone overlooked by many of the leading stores – for example most of the stores amended by search for “Mixi Dress” to “Maxi Dress” – not a single one in this style to be seen! Did find a few items at Top Shop, particularly this stunning skirt down as being a dipped back maxi skirt for £40.00 but sadly has got some very poor reviews with regards to colour and its transparent material :)

The key is this season, if you fancy adopting a mixi dress into your wardrobe, is simply to shop around! Enjoy :) Plus, if you spot any other stores stocking them, be sure to let me know! Try searching for Mixi or Dipped Hem dresses!

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