The street guide to Autumn/Winter 2012 Fashion Trends

The latest trends for the coming Autumn / Winter 2012 season have got me all hot and bothered, or maybe thats just the present temperature, either way there is some jolly exciting looks for the coming season to keep you happy!

The low down is simple – play safe with good shapes – utilitarian, military-inspired and plenty covered up (but lets face it who really, in their right mind anyway, wants too much bare skin in winter!). These beautiful shapes are accompanied with rich and ornate fabrics – think velvet, jacquard, lace, damask, embellished… The rich and the ornate. Gorgeous!

More importantly thanks to the success of Team GB at the Olympics, and we hope the paraolympics, Stella McCartney is leading a sportswear revolution too!

The Buzz…

Hats – Definitely the must have accessory of the season.

Leather – Bring out your best leathers and prepare them for a new season. A little glam rock wont hurt if you are feeling nostalgic but neither will your tailored leather jacket you´ve had stuck in the back of your wardrobe since god knows when…

Colour – Particularly on the face. Think coloured mascara and eye shadow, a nice bit of sparkle!

Shoes – High heels and sparkles. Perspex heels

Signature Pieces –  Still in so dont forget to add a skater skirt, a swathe of tweed, and pair “investment trousers”. Layer up your look with trousers under a skirt under a coat with a cape on top.

Dyed Hair is back – The dip dye trend is back. Think shades of the rainbow, with glitter.

The Key Essentials

  • A-Line Skirts. Very flattering fit to almost any figure provided you chose the right line!
  • Capes – Gorgeous, most especially for those special nights out when its a bit chilly!
  • Geek Clothes – Film, Fiction and Fairytales. Get your geek on girls!
  • Gloves – Up to the elbow
  • Peplum – Morphed into giant for exagerated hip line (perhaps not for us curvy ladies then…)
  • Jewellery – Largely in unexpected places. Particularly like the addition to hair, the face and attached to clothing
  • Monochrome Prints – All Black & White.
  • Multi-Coloured Mosaic Style Prints
  • Purple – The colour of Royalty and 2012!
  • Urban Utility – Think Military Styles (yay my military jacket good for another year)
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