Surprising Your Man With Sexy Lingerie – How to Assemble the Perfect Outfit

If you ever want to surprise your man and make his day, then one of the best things you can do is to surprise him with lingerie. Men love the look of women in the right underwear, and this can help to improve your physique while at the same time adding color and interest. Your guy will feel like the luckiest man in the world – as though he’s dating a supermodel or a porn star, and at the same time he’ll be grateful that you went to the trouble to surprise him that way. If all goes well it promises to be a fantastic night as your fella wants you more than ever and as you feel all the more confident thanks to the lingerie. Here we will look at how to get it right and how to create a look that’s perfect.

Choosing the Underwear

First of all you need to choose your outfit and there are various things to consider here. If you want your guy to be really excited then you should choose something that is more exciting and has more elements to it than just bra and pants and this might mean including a corset or suspenders. Of course you need to choose something that you feel comfortable in and that won’t make you feel awkward, but this is a situation where actually what you don’t see really is the sexiest part. Furthermore, if you have more to wear, then you will draw out the undressing process.

At the same time you also need to think about the color and this is something that can make a big impact on the mood. Red suggests passion and ferocity, while black is seductive and sophisticated. Make sure that you choose the underwear that will suit the mood ad also think about your man’s preferences as well as what you think looks good.

Finally make sure that the lingerie fits – don’t be tempted to go for a large bra and think it will make you look bustier or a smaller corset and think it will make you slim – these things are designed to perfectly compliment your figure so buying the correct size is the best way to ensure you look great.

Props and Other Elements

Your outfit shouldn’t only consist of underwear if you want it to look great. While lingerie is very sexy, it’s even sexier when you hide it and surprise them, or when it’s combined with other elements. For instance you might want to wear it under a silk dressing gown (just slightly open) or you might want to tease while wearing a sexy suit and pencil skirt. This then gives your guy the fun of ripping those elements off to expose the lingerie too.

There are other accessories too to consider as well as your hair and makeup. To really show off your figure and ensure that your legs look amazing then a pair of high heels can really work. Meanwhile you should also think about preparing your hair in a way that will be different and interesting, and wearing some bold and sexy lipstick or some nail varnish. Match your colors here, and make sure that this is something out of the ordinary that you wouldn’t normally wear. This is part of what will make your outfit look more exciting – because men love seeing their partners ‘transformed’ and stepping out of their shell to try something new. Try to show him you, but in a way he’s never seen you before…

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