Dr LeWinn´s Skin Care Regime

I have previously touched one of the range of products by Dr LeWinn before but I am once again returning to this cosmetic range having recently been made aware of a special offer – and, of course, I would like to highlight just how fabulous this range really is. Anti-age cosmetics are commonplace now but, going by my own experience, it is rare to find one which truly works. I have only recently started using some of these products – shortly before posting my last video but I am exceptionally impressed with the results so far. I am be reviewing in the near future – when I have compiled before & after but needless to say the results have been promising!

For those not in the know here is a little background information. Dr. LeWinn was one of the world’s most distinguished plastic surgeons and founder of the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Philadelphia amongst others. As a specialist Dr. LeWinn was respected and renowned by many in his profession and often he would be consulted for advice by dermatologists, cosmetic scientists and celebrity clients who wanted recommendations on how to improve the skin’s appearance. The response to these queries lead him to create his own skincare range capable of delivering remarkable results against the visible signs of ageing. His range has given spectacular results, even in the harshest skin climates in the world like Australia – and they have been tested extensively. The success of this experiment can be clearly seen in the fact that Dr. LeWinn’s has been named as the Top Performing Premium Skincare brand in Australia for the last 11 years.

That’s the background dispensed with. The range to date has been your usual but extremely affective fair of skin care items. Most recently has seen the release of a brand new Cosmetic Lift kit – being labelled as the non-surgical facelift. It has a celebrity fan following – with the most notable being the beautiful Jennifer Aniston.

Packed with high grade, premium ingredients to lift, firm and give the appearance of younger looking skin, Dr LeWinn’s Cosmetic Lift comprises a bumper value pack of FIVE full size youth-giving products, plus professional application brush, providing a non-surgical facelift for just £12 per treatment:

Gentle Facial Cleanser – with aloe and a unique blend of nutritional oils to rejuvenate, deeply cleanse and soften

Cosmetic Lift Activator – soothing and moisturising, plus anti-ageing hero ingredient Dimethyl MEA to firm (can also be used as a refreshing, revitalising toner!)

Cosmetic Lift Powder – a potent formulation using breakthrough ingredient Alpha Lipoic Acid that when combined with Cosmetic Lift Activator, creates a discernible lifting and tightening effect

Tissue Firming Serum – a cooling and nourishing blend of aloe, eyebright and cucumber which calms and soothes and is perfect for an extra overnight brightening boost in between treatments

Vitamin A Rejuvenation Cream – a vibrant yellow-gold super-nourishing moisturiser with a rich vitamin A content (1% – one of the highest on the market) to replenish dehydrated skin and help reverse signs of sun damage. Can also be used as a night cream to renew and nourish.

When used on a regular monthly basis, Dr LeWinn’s Cosmetic Lift has been found to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, refine the skin’s texture, firm, smooth and tighten in addition to reducing the appearance of age spots and pigmentation – all these, we know, are the tell tale signs of ageing.

Listed below are some of the other items from the Dr LeWinn´s range.

Dr LeWinn Reunail 3 Step

Dr LeWinn Reunail 3 Step
For longer stronger nails in just 4 weeks

Dr Lewinns Reverse the Hands of Time
For soft & smooth hands and fabulous strong nails

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