Get Skin Perfect from Dr Lewinn´s – Foundation Tips

Dean_Nixon_Dr_Lewinns_Skin_Perfect_01I have often found that many women do not have a clue how best to chose the right foundation and apply it. Dr Lewinn. For years, Dr Lewinn’s has provided women with innovative products for every major skin and nail complaint. Now, Dr. LeWinn’s has launched it’s first cosmetics range, Skin Perfect, and staying true to the brand’s style and objectives, this range isn’t just about covering problems on the surface, it’s packed full innovative ingredients for younger looking skin.

Whether you chose to use their products or not, which I admit are fantastic, the video below has some great tips on choosing the right foundation, applying it and of course adding colour and illumination for that much desired perfect and flawless skin look.

Finding the perfect foundation really can be a mindfield. It all begins with choosing the correct colour for you skin. This is often an issue for most women. Just remember trying the foundation on your hand or the back of your wrist is not the answer! Always try on your jawline. Otherwise you risk that undesired orange look – or no better – the vampire white look. Try three shades – the shade you think, one lighter and one darker. Remember, as the lady advised, you are using a foundation to even out your natural skin tone – you are not adding colour. To add colour use a blusher or a bronzing powder.

The best way to apply foundation is with a professional flat makeup brush – not your fingers. The finish is better.

Use a concealer after foundation.

Try using an illuminator to really draw attention to where the light hits the face for a truly radiant look.

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