MaxFactor Ageless Elixir Foundation & Serum

The MaxFactor Ageless Elixir Foundation & Serum is a recent discovery for me and was actually a spur of the moment purchase when I was doing a recent online shop at my local supermarket. I was running low on my usual foundation but, finding it out of stock, took an unusual risk and decided to give this a try. We all know this is not recommend as it is always best to match the foundation to your skin tone – but having bought Max Factor foundations for years I pretty much knew their colours. So, being fair but tanned, I opted for SAND60.

First Impressions:

I have combination skin – oily in some places and dry in others. As you can imagine it can be a real problem on occasion finding a foundation which works well in each zone and looks good.  The vast majority of foundations I find too heavy and block my pours, or worse, cake horribly in some zones which leaves me looking tired and older! I absolutely loathe the feeling of powder foundations on my skin – although occasionally like to brush with a light finishing powder in certain areas (a technique my mother calls shading, which helps to enhance your cheekbones by adding highlights/lowlights to the face.) Anyway, I digress.

I liked the container which is simple and a perfect size of carrying around in your handbag. Its a pump action which means it is easy to use and there is no mess!  Tubes and pouring bottles are just too messy for such a person as I!


The first thing you notice about this foundation is its smell – it is, quite literally, divine! I love it – I´ve never had a foundation which smelled good on application and I found my mood lifting as I applied this beautiful light liquid foundation. Now, as a rule, I do not particularly appreciate perfume in my face creams and make up – but this is so delicate and lovely that I really loved applying it.


The mode of application is fairly standard.  The rule of thumb with any foundation of this sort being to apply in light thin layers so as to ensure good coverage.  I know many people who apply foundation with a brush but I prefer to use a make up sponge because I get a better coverage.  Using this method the foundation applied nicely and evenly and provided superb coverage.

The skin under my eyes is thin and, as a rule, its dark. I also have a discreet blemish or two in the freckle department but this evened up my skin tone and gave a nice even finish.


Unlikely some other foundations which feel heavy on my skin MaxFactor Ageless Elixir Foundation & Serum felt light and pleasant. I felt my skin could actually breath which is nice when you are living in a hot climate. I like to dance and I found that, unlike other foundations which surrender and wave the white flag after a couple of hours, this continued to look good all night long.

It has a low SPF 15 protection and, whilst I can appreciate this, I would have preferred had it maybe been a little higher. You could easily combine this with another face cream which comes with a higher SPF.

Recommended to

People look for a light foundation which provides superb coverage with skin care included and a low SPF for sun protection.

Great coverage of Fine lines, wrinkles, minor blemishes, redness and protecting against sun damage.


This is not a sponsored review and represents my opinion of a product purchased.


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