The Body Shop: Lily Cole Liquid Eyeliner Review

I recently reviewed the Black Liquid Eyeliner from The Body Shop and found it, overall, disapointing. It struck me as being so thin I was unable to get the precise and even lines I am used to doing with ease – and, more importantly, it bled very easily. Granted there are many who love it and have great success – but we can only ever speak as we find!

When I first saw the Lily Cole Liquid Eyeliner from The Body Shop I was instantly enthralled with its absolutely stunning colour. Its a lovely violet colour – very unusual and absolutely fabulous on. I´m keeping this review short and sweet because honestly a lot of what I said about the Body Shop black eyeliner applies here. Granted I did prefer this and, owing to its beautiful colour, I was prepared to give it  better try! It applies fairly thin in my view which means to get a nice rich violet colour you need to apply two coats.

Absolutely adore the colour!

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