The Body Shop Liquid Eyeliner Review

When I am going out on a night I like to have dramatic eyes – my preference for eyeliner has always been the liquid and gel versions which enable me to get the winged look I like. In my quest to find the best eyeliner I have been gradually working my way through a wide range – and, following a tip from a friend, decided to try The Body Shop Liquid Eyeliner. I am a bit of a fan of The Body Shop (both in the UK and Spain) and absolutely adore their range as a general rule. Sadly I was to find this is the only exception at this stage.

Following reading the reviews of others I cannot help but wonder maybe I have got a poor quality bottle which is the exception rather than the norm for this product – so do bare this in mind when you read the following comments. Most of my the reviews read – and my friends verify – this is one of the best eyeliners they have used. I have not found this to be the case. For me the eyeliner appeared watery, bled easily on application (even when I followed the normal eye area preparation techniques) and wore off extremely quickly (try a couple of hours before it appeared to lose its shape and colour).

I really like the bottle shape and mode of application – but the actual product, in my case at least, was watery and thin and applied poorly. It was difficult, if not near impossible on occasion, to get the perfect wing shape I can generally achieve so easily with other eyeliners. It bled very easily and was practically impossible to wear if I was abroad in Spain – simply because it had disapeared within very little time. Not so fabulous on a night out.


Lovely, as I have come to expect from The Body Shop. The brush is a nice size and shape – would be perfect if not for the eyeliner.


Watery. Hard to get a nice shape and near impossible to get the lovely winged shape I am so used to applying with ease. Went on a watery black which rapidly faded to grey before becoming blotchy within no time at all. Very disapointing for a night out! Sure it went on with ease and without dragging – but what use is this when the line it gives is not a quality finish?

Staying Power

Practically zero. In the UK on a night out it lasted 3 hours. In Spain this was probably halved. Not long before the finished effect looked tired – as did I.

Overall Opinion

As I said most people seem to adore this eyeliner which leaves me wondering if maybe I was just in receipt of a poor quality bottle. I am used to being able to apply eyeliner with ease – and achieving a good effect, even with the poorest quality eyeliners, is usually achieveable for me – not in this case. I was very disapointed overall. Shame because generally The Body Shop is always my first port of all when it comes to make up and toiletries!

Do not be afraid to try this one for yourself however – others love it! Maybe its just not for me! Coming soon reviews of the Lily Cole one which I preferred but still suffered from being too damn watery!

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