7 Winter Fashion Tips Every Woman Should Remember

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The winter season is quickly approaching, and that means it’s time to pull out your sweater boxes, dust off your boots, and take inventory of your outerwear. Trends come and go, but style is timeless. Therefore, no matter what your personal fashion philosophy, there are some basic laws of winter dressing that you should adhere to if you care to stay on the right side of women’s fashion. Here are seven winter fashion tips every woman should remember:

Work that Scarf

Not only are scarves a practical way to add layers to your winter wardrobe and keep the cold out, but they are also very fashionable. Search the web for creative ways you can drape your scarf to find looks that are well suited to your personal style.

You Need Safe Shoes

Whether you like it or not, the winter weather can usher in some downright dangerous environmental conditions, especially for those who choose to brave the outdoors in heels. Do yourself a big favor and purchase some winter shoes with no heels – boots and booties are a great option, but even wedges are safer than standard stilettos. You don’t have to forsake fashion for the weather, but you can find fashionable choices that are also practical.

Your Coat Counts

Many women make the mistake of thinking that a coat is merely a shield to protect their fashionable garments in less than ideal weather. However, your coat makes a statement, and that statement should be complimentary to your wardrobe – not work against it.

Black Slacks Go With Anything

Not to mention, they look ultra sophisticated when paired with winter white. Whether you are spending the day in the office or taking the kids to see a movie, a simple pair of black slacks can give you a pulled together winter look without a lot of effort on your part.

Dress in Layers

Chances are, you will spend parts of your day indoors and parts outdoors. Unless you are a big fan of either goose bumps or sweat stains, you should dress in layers so that you never find yourself dressed inappropriately for the temperature environment you are in.

Less is More

Just because you must dress in layers for the winter, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be conscious of how those layers work together. Be sure to stay within the same color family and to avoid clashing patterns when you mix layers, and when it doubt, remove one piece.

You Can Wear Dresses

The fact that it’s cold outside shouldn’t keep you away from your favorite frocks. The secret is to winterize the look (and feel) with leggings, stocking, or tights and a pair of fashionable close-toed shoes (booties are a great option).

Dressing for winter does not have to be a mystery, and you don’t have to put fashion on the back burner just to stay warm. Follow these fundamental fashion tips to keep your style in step during the winter months.

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  • About the Author: Ruthanne Matalka loves studying fashion and hates seeing women give up wedge boots and other chic items because they don’t think they “fit” a winter wardrobe. As long as you’re warm and comfortable, anything goes!

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