Lingerie Buying Guide for Men

Every Christmas, without fail, you will find most men resort to buying lingerie for their partners. The vast majority of which will be returned if the recipient can just get her hands on the receipt. Its a given fact that the vast majority of men do not have a clue about buying lingerie and, speaking honestly, I would advise most of them to use their imaginations a little more, practice some common sense, and resort to an alternative gift. But, if you do insist on buying lingerie for your loved ones this year, then Marks and Spencers have put together a lingerie buying guide for men! See below.

Key Tips to Remember…

lingerie buying guide for menLingerie is a very personal gift so try to chose pieces which reflect your partners style rather than your personal tastes. It may help to take a look at her favourite pieces she owns already for example.

For example, if she is a fashionista and you know she likes to be bang on trend, then take a look at the current seasons fashions – this year bold colours, black and leopard prints are in – so if you chose signature pieces of lingerie from this range you cant go far wrong.

If she is elegant and likes beautiful classics with embellishments then do check out the Per Una range which is a beautiful collection of stylish and classic lingerie designed for her in mind. Gorgeous glamorous pieces intended to fit a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Other things to bare in mind…

Try to find out her size, for certain, rather than just guess. If you can, take a look at the label in her existing pieces, rather than just leave it to chance.

Follow these simple rules and you will stand a better chance of giving her a gift of lingerie she will treasure rather than wish to return it to the store!

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