Twiggy Collection: 2012 Winter Warmers

Marks and Spencers has released its 2012 Winter Twiggy Collection. Twiggy has always have a personal sense of style which I admired so I was delighted to discover she has released yet another range for Marks and Spencers. The new range is all about flattering fashion and attention to detail – with a wide range of clothing which can be easily mixed and matched at will.

Twiggy CollectionI took a look at her latest winter range of clothing today and was especially impressed at her awareness for designing, not only for the slim and waif-like like herself, but for the more curvy plus sized ladies. Her designs are accessible by most – with, of course, a particular emphasis on styles for the more mature lady. This is not to say that the younger generation would not find something in her collection either however! Tailored classics, warm coats and cardies, to party wear and dresses – the collection is one of the most well thought out ones I have seen from Marks and Spencer’s in sometime.

Twiggy CollectionThe great bonus for this years winter collection from Twiggy is, regardless of the occasion, there is something which would suit – warm but glamorous outfits for those outdoor events, sparkly outfits for those holiday parties, and pure chic for those special days out – whether hitting the town for those last minute gifts or that special date… You can guarantee there will be something in this range which will suit.

Twiggy Collection: Office to PartyIf you are looking to truly dazzle this winter then please do check out the Twiggy Collection from Marks and Spencers. Great range of versatile and glamorous outfits for every occasion.


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