Versatile Holiday Clothing: 3 in 1 Dress

If you are planning your summer wardrobe you will probably be considering taking very few items of clothing (in order to avoid the dreaded surcharges of hold luggage). One of the most flexible items you can consider this year is the 3 in 1 dress from Freemans. Its available in a great range of colours and can be worn, as the name suggests, in three different ways. In order to expand on this you can try combining the dress with additional items of clothing or accessories. A bolero jacket for example could lift the dress up to be worn for a casual evening.

Lascana 3-in-1 Dress From £35.00

So, to explain, the Lascana 3-in-1 bandeau dress is perfect worn as a mini dress for walks along the beach but can also be worn as a skirt for trips into town or a long dress for the evening. This clever dress can be transformed in a jiffy to suit any occasion. Made of high quality heavy fabric, the top section has a double layer for a perfect fit.

Available colours:
Berry – Black Printed – Black – Brown – Petrol – Purple – White

Sizes 6 to 18

Check out Freemans superb ideas for holiday clothing in their Holiday Shop

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