Colour Blocking with Shoes

We´ve covered the current fashion trend of colour blocking before but I know many people wont have the confidence to pull off outfits such as the ones the ladies are sporting. If this is you then perhaps consider adding a spot of colour to your outfits with colour shoes or accessories.

We trawled the shops in search of some perfect colour blocking shoes and accessories and this is what we found. Enjoy! Check out the best we found from Daniel Footwear, Rocket Dog and Incidentally if colour block clothing is your passion then you need to check out the range of items available on – it is simply breathtaking with vibrancy! Expect a review hightlighting some of our choice pics in due course!

Colourful Shoes

Ash HYSTERIA Multi Leather Womens Sandal £155.00 Daniel Footwear

Bronx Multi 83920 Women’s Multi Strap Wedge Sandal £69.99 from Daniel Footwear

Bronx Multi 83857 Women’s Colour Block Wedge Sandal £79.99 from Daniel Footwear

Rocket Dog wedge £47.99

Rockey Dog Dive £21.99

ODELL PARADISE STRIPE RED from Rocket Dog £44.99

Abbie Pink Colour Block Platform Heels £30.00

Natalie Coral Colour Contrast Platform Courts £30.00

Selina Colour Block Leather Look And Suedette Platform Heels £10.00

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