Summer Wedges

I explored my love of wedge heeled shoes a couple of months ago in a post entitled “The Wedges“. Since they are such a fantastic and versatile summer must have I have decided to give them a second visit.

With the arrival of summer comes the return of short clothing – and one of the best ways to ensure your legs look their best is to slap on a pair of heels. Personally I dont like tottering about on stilettos, most especially when I am walking from bar to nightclubs on holiday, and I definitely like to not have my stride hindered. There is nothing less attractive than a girl, regardless of her beauty, who when waring five inch stilletos walks like farmer giles in a dress! Come on ladies, if you are going to wear heels, match the heel with the occasion – and learn how to walk in them!! Anyway, I digress, wedge heels are infinitely easier to walk in than a pair of stilettos but they give you the extra length of leg and slimming effect suitable for wearing with this seasons shorts and flesh baring outfits.

Andrea Morelli Wedge Sandals – white

I tend to opt for a heel between 3 and 4 inches, and occasionally venture into just over 4 when I dont have a lot of walking to do. This size heel helps me to lengthen and slim my leg whilst not rendering me a cripple.

Try to buy the best shoe you can afford and check to see if the shoe is well balanced. I generally prefer to buy my shoes in an actual “brick and mortar” store but if you do shop online try to choose those stores who consider returns – just in case the shoe is not suitable and fits badly.

I previously covered my must have wedges shoes for the spring and summer season in my previous post but also be sure to check out Wedge Shoes from StylistPick.

Wedge shoes are versatile, fashionable and suitable for anyone whether you are looking for a nice all round shoe for your holiday, a summer wedding or even some great shoes for summer garden parties



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