Marks & Spencers introduces “shwopping”

Today leading chain Marks and Spencers introduced “Shwopping” – its big recycling scheme aiming to bring the number of clothes going to landfill down. In the UK alone 9,513 garments are discarded every five minutes and some of these items could continue to be useful clothing to someone else or be recycled. In this scheme M&S Customers are encouraged to swap any old or unwanted items when they come into store. The clothes will then be recycled or resold by Oxfam, with the aim of reducing the 1 billion items being dumped into UK landfills each year.

Certainly seems a worthwhile cause. In a bid to hammer the message home M&S have filled Brick Lane in London with a clear (and soggy) reason as to why this scheme is so very important. Presumably the clothes used in this publicity stunt will not be going to landfill afterwards…

It is however a good message. Dont waste your old clothes ladies! There is a cause for them no matter the condition.

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