Men Keep These Tips In Mind Before Shopping for Women's Shoes

Shoes are the ideal gift for any woman. How many women can really resist the lure of sexy shoes, sitting neatly on the rack, waiting to be picked up?  If anything at all Sex and the City did teach the men of the world how indispensable shoes are to a woman’s life. It’s no wonder that most men think it as a stroke of pure genius when they set out to buy shoes for their wives or girlfriends.

Little do you realize that there is a method for buying shoes. There is a reason why women spend hours and hours in a shoe store. If you really want to gift shoes to the woman in your life, you have to know upfront that you can’t just gift any shoe. You need to be careful about your choice of shoes.  Picking the wrong pair will turn your gift into a classic example of ‘the best plans gone wrong’.

Here are some pointers which can prevent you from going fatally wrong on your shoe shopping spree:

Know the personality

Believe it or not but a woman’s personality has a lot to do with the kind of shoes she likes and she wears. A practical minded woman might not favor heels and stilettos as much as wedges and pumps, while a more glamorous personality might like her four inch heels to be nicely studded with semi precious stones. When you walk into a shoe store or browse online for shoes, keep the end recepient in mind.

Know the feet

If you do not know the shoe size of a woman, do not buy her shoes. It is quite rare to find the right shoe size, especially if you’re just guessing. If you pick the wrong shoe size there is no way your shoes are going to be viewed as an ideal gift. Talk to the sales person in the shoe store. Tell him or her how your girlfriend’s or wife’s feet are. Don’t be shy about it. You don’t have to tell anybody how you feel about their feet, just their physical appearance. Is her foot broad or slender? Are her toes apart or together? How defined is the curve of her sole? The salesperson might ask you a few other questions with an intention to direct you towards the right kind of shoes meant to fit the feet you described. 

Keep an eye out

Notice the small things about your woman. Does she linger at a particular shoe store longer than the others? Has she tried on a particular shoe and then put it back after looking at the price tag? Have you caught her snooping at a particular shoe in a window? There is nothing more wonderful than a man who takes notice of such things and then manages to gift wrap the shoe as an ideal surprise. There are also other pointers which might nudge you in the right direction. For example when you are in a crowded place, your woman might point out and say, “I love those shoes!” You know then that you have to buy a similar pair.

If you find any of the above too much to do and you still want to gift her shoes, just buy her a gift card from her favorite shoe store! She will love that gift as much as she would have loved a new pair of shoes!

Adam Livermore is the author of this post. He gives shopping advice through his posts. You can also check out his selection of high top sneakers on his website.

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